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    Picture of Maths Tables ; Formulae & Tables Log Book

    Maths Tables ; Formulae & Tables Log Book

    Maths Tables New edition of the Maths Formulae and Tables Log Book Log Tables approved for use in the state examinations.
    Picture of Real Life Maths Books 1 & 2

    Real Life Maths Books 1 & 2

    RE RLM - SET
    Real Life Maths Book 1 is designed to present students with real life contexts that require an understanding of a range of mathematical processes. Reluctant maths students will benefit from this book as all activities are designed to provide direct meaning rather than just being presented as a set of sums and number problems.

    Sections contain challenge and extension activities that build on from the main problem. The problems are designed to consolidate comprehension skills as well as mathematical processes and problem solving strategies. Activities are linked to student outcomes and each section contains an opportunity for reflection.

    Sections include: Maths in the news. Maths in advertising. Planning a holiday. Using a mobile phone
    Real Life Maths Book 2 is a follow on to book 1. Sections include :Features of CDs. Buying a widget. Party planning. Owning a credit card. Maths in the movies. An introduction to the stock market

    Suitability : Ages 10+
    Picture of Living Maths Set 1-8

    Living Maths Set 1-8

    A series of 8 photocopiable books suitable for upper primary pupils up to adult students providing additional support for maths in everyday tasks and situations.

    Each book contains 7 units, each presented over 3 pages. The first page provides a detailed picture. The second page provides simple maths questions based mainly on observation of the picture. The third page provides more complex problems.
    All 8 books are at the same level. Reading Age 7+. Interest Level 7 - adult.

  • Book 1 At home
  • Book 2 At the theme park
  • Book 3 In town
  • Book 4 On holiday
  • Book 5 At the supermarket
  • Book 6 At school
  • Book 7 At the post office
  • Book 8 At the factory
  • €210.00
    Picture of Go Figure - Set of 2

    Go Figure - Set of 2

    This two-book series is packed with activities that involve students in problem-solving and exploration. They all involve a ‘puzzle’, mathematical mystery or story which students have to work through to a solution.

    Watch your students rise to challenges such as:
  • Deciding where to place camera detectors in an art gallery (Geometry)
  • Cracking a secret code (Interpreting information, logic and reasoning)
  • Installing a TV transmitter so it reaches all towns in the region (Measurement; Calculation)
  • Solving the mystery of barcodes and learning how to check digits (Modular Arithmetic and Problem Solving)
  • Studying ‘ancient’ algorithms and old Aztec number systems (Calculation and Discovery)

  • These activities are excellent for early finishers; for homework; and for cooperative group work.
    Each activity emphasises problem solving and exploration which can be done individually or in groups. The teacher pages provide answers, show how problems can be worked through to conclusion and point out issues to look for.
    Activities are high interest and usually centered around a ‘puzzle’, mathematical mystery or story which students have to work through.
    GO FIGURE! is excellent for homework and cooperative work, and for students who need ‘extra work’ to keep them busy.
    Picture of About Statistics Set of 2

    About Statistics Set of 2

    This new revision and update focuses on key learning areas in Statistics with a series of clearly explained and well laid-out exercises comprised of a range of challenges at different levels. About Statistics provides simple and fun ways of introducing essential statistical ideas, and is able to be used alongside existing units of work in Statistics.

    Book A Topics Include:
  • Pie Charts
  • Dot Plots
  • Stem and Leaf Plots
  • Time-Series Graphs

  • Book B Topics Include:
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Grouped Data
  • Comparing Data Sets.
  • €40.00
    Picture of Creative Maths Problem Books A & B

    Creative Maths Problem Books A & B

    The purpose of this two-book photocopiable resource is to assist students to develop the skills necessary to confidently investigate any maths problems they are presented with. There are opportunities for students to engage in independent or cooperative learning, pose new problems for investigation, or engage in classroom discussion or debate. The resource is divided into six comprehensive sections.

  • Book A explores number, measurement and geometry.
  • Book B explores algebra, statistics and logic.

  • The many problems presented in the books are designed to be fun and engaging, and to increase student confidence, participation and enthusiasm for maths using real-life maths problems.This series will increase student confidence, participation in class and enthusiasm for maths by using these clever real-life Maths problems.Each problem includes background information on the mathematical problem, detailed solution and teacher notes.
    Picture of Thinking Maths Set of 3

    Thinking Maths Set of 3

    Who for?
    These worksheets are designed for students of average mathematical ability who are aged 12 to 14 years. The questions are designed to make students THINK and are not confined to one level of the mathematics curriculum.

    What are they?
    The worksheets are photocopiable (or in book form) write-on mathematics worksheets designed to encourage students to THINK. They may be set by teachers as homework sheets, one per week, so as not to interfere too much with a tight school homework programme. To promote THINKING, the worksheets can also be used in the classroom, perhaps the last half hour at the end of the day, or on a Friday. The worksheets can be handed out to students who have worked quickly and completed the work designated for a lesson, and are looking for something else. Alternatively the worksheets will absorb students in class when teachers are absent and work has not been set.

    How do they work?
    The worksheets will enable students to think, have fun, be challenged, have a wide variety of new experiences and consolidate their knowledge of mathematics. Correct mathematics vocabulary and terminology are used in the text and the processes will develop the student’s general knowledge and give them practice in identifying patterns. A mathematical glossary or dictionary may be helpful. It is not intended that students complete, in one session, every question on a worksheet, but rather answer as many questions as possible and enjoy the participation. The questions are rich with stimulating examples, diagrams, and other illustrations. It is hoped the students will discover the amazing relevance of mathematics in the world around them. It is important in any Mathematics Curriculum to place an emphasis on THINKING.
    Picture of Maths Motivators Books A & B

    Maths Motivators Books A & B

    Time pressures often dissuade teachers from incorporating activities into senior mathematics classrooms that are student centred or simply different from the “tried and true”.

    This two-book series provides some respite from traditional textbook exercises by offering inspired and engaging approaches for introducing, teaching, revising and assessing core concepts in senior mathematics. Included are independent exercises to establish fundamental skills, collaborative activities to promote classroom discussion and further understanding, and revision assignments that will serve to highlight areas of strengths and weaknesses. This is a must have resource for busy teachers of senior mathematics wanting to inject some energy and innovative approaches into their teaching practices.
  • Book A focuses on algebra and coordinate geometry.
  • Book B focuses on non-linear graphs and calculus.

  • Age Suitability: 11+.Two Book Set - approximately 64 Pages each