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    Mayku is on a Mission

    They believe that anyone should have access to the tools needed to create. They started Mayku to make manufacturing accessible to anyone. Centralised mass manufacturing is complicated, slow, expensive, and risky. Because of this, it’s only viable for large runs. There is a huge barrier to entry for people and businesses getting started.

    They're building the tools for desktop mass production. A Desktop Factory consisting of machines, materials, and software for starting production lines. They envision a world where anyone can manufacture what is needed, where it’s needed when it’s needed. They believe this is key to helping accelerate the global shift to local manufacturing.

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    Picture of Mayku Vaccum Former

    Mayku Vaccum Former

    Mayku Vacuum Former is a desktop-sized machine that allows users to create molds by forming plastic sheets to a desired shape. The machine works by heating up plastic sheets and then using vacuum suction to mold them to the shape of a mold. This process can be used to create molds for various purposes such as packaging, prototypes, and artwork. Mayku Vacuum Former is known for its ease of use and compact design.