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    Picture of  Dominoes  ; Rainbow Fraction Game

    Dominoes ; Rainbow Fraction Game

    LSP 2503
    A fun twist on traditional dominoes!
    Reinforce important maths skills with this game for 2-4 players. Dominoes feature numeric and visual fraction representations. This easy-to-play game is perfect for reinforcing what children have been learning during lessons – ideal for family fun at home or as an end of lesson activity!

    Double-sided domino game provides two levels of play:
    Percentage equivalents

    Game box includes 36 dominoes
    Dominoes feature written fractions, pictorial fractions and percentage equivalents
    Players race to be the first to place all of their dominoes
    Colour-coded for use with our other Rainbow Fraction games and resources
    For 2 – 4 players
    Features multilingual packaging and instructions Ages 6+
    Picture of Algebra Four Pan Balance

    Algebra Four Pan Balance

    LER 7545
    Use this unique balance to physically show the sum of an integer and its additive inverse is zero.

    Unlike any other balance, this one makes it possible to physically show that –1<0. Weights placed on the outer pans represent negative integers and those placed on the inner pans represent positive integers.

    When you place a weight in each pan on one side of the centre post, the balance remains level as (–1)+(+1)=0. Great for small group work, the balance comes with four plastic pans, four plastic canisters, a set of plastic weights and a Teacher’s Booklet. Some assembly required
    Picture of Connecting People (Set of 96)

    Connecting People (Set of 96)

    LER 7549
    Perfect for helping student count, compare and sort. These sturdy plastic connecting people come in male and female versions - three sizes of each in four colours. Smallest measures 3.5cm. Set of 96

    Children will naturally create number stories with them. Sturdy plastic people come in male and female versions, three sizes of each in four colours. Each piece can stand upright and connects with every other piece

    Works well with Double sided Pattern cards LSP 3158
    Picture of Connecting People Activity Cards (Set of 16)

    Connecting People Activity Cards (Set of 16)

    LSP 3158
    Connecting People® Double-Sided Activity Cards, set of 16

    Early maths activities which helps develop a variety of maths skills. Wipe clean.

    Use with Connecting People counters (LER 7549)Ages 4+
    Picture of Counting Cubes (Set of 100)

    Counting Cubes (Set of 100)

    EV EED3
    Stackable cubes help students develop fine motor skills as they explore various maths concepts, colour recognition and spatial reasoning.

    Use alone, or with StaKubes® Steps and StaKubes® Place Value Trays.

    Cubes come in 10 colours and measure 2cm.
    Picture of EdpaxTrundle Wheel  without counter

    EdpaxTrundle Wheel without counter

    EDX 25694
    Designed for durability with a rubber tyre to maintain accuracy. The pointer on the wheel helps children to measure intermediate distances. Ideal for calculating distances, shapes, areas, and angles. Incorporates a clicker that can be adjusted from OFF to every 10cm and to every metre.

    Size: Overall assembled length: 83cm.
    Picture of Fraction Decimal Cubes

    Fraction Decimal Cubes

    LSP 2511
    Fraction Tower® Cubes - Decimals Set An engaging, hands-on way to reinforce decimals and fractions at home or in the classroom!

    Help students visualise and understand decimals fraction concepts in different contexts with these colour-coded hands-on resources!

    Durable, interlocking cubes help students visualise fractions concepts by building simple, visual mathematical models. Cubes are marked with respective fractions.

    Covers decimals: 1, 0.5, 0.33, 0.25, 0.2, 0.166, 0.125, 0.1 and 0.083 One whole piece measures 12cm H

    Colour-coded for use with our other Rainbow Fraction Teaching resources
    Picture of Fraction Pie Puzzles

    Fraction Pie Puzzles

    EI 8445
    Making fractions is "easy as pie".

    This kinaesthetic way to reinforce basic fraction concepts teaches students how fractional parts make up a whole and about equivalencies, common denominators and multiples.

    Select a card, place the starting pieces, then complete the circles with the remaining fraction pie pieces. Includes game board, 50 levelled puzzle cards, 65 foam fraction pieces and Activity Guide.

    For 1-2 players. Ages 8-12