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    Micro:bit V2 Club Class Set of 10

    Manufacturer: micro:bit
    Perfect for sharing the micro:bit with friends, the micro:bit club is a 10 pack containing all the pieces needed to enjoy micro:bit in STEM groups, coding clubs, school classes, scouts, guides and cubs or any other social gathering (contains 10 BBC micro:bits V2, 10x USB cables, 10 x battery holders ; 20x AAA batteries).

    The micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that you can code, customise and control to bring your digital ideas, games and apps to life. Measuring 4cm by 5cm, and designed to be fun and easy to use, users can create anything from games and animations to scrolling stories at school, at home and on the go - all you need is imagination and creativity.

    The micro:bit is completely programmable. That means each of its LEDs can be individually programmed as can its buttons, inputs and outputs, accelerometer, magnetometer and Bluetooth Smart Technology. The micro:bit has a website full of coding languages, lesson plans, tutorials, and fun ideas to help you get creative
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    Key Features

    • 25 LED matrix on the board where you can scroll messages or display numbers
    • Accelerometer to detect movement or tilting
    • Compass
    • Bluetooth connection to interact with the internet or other devices
    • 2 user input buttons
    • Micro USB connection to use with PC for programming
    • Port for a battery pack
    • ARM Cortex-M4 CPU
    • Built-in speaker and microphone
    • 20 pin edge connector along the bottom of the board


    New Features (exclusive to the micro:bit v2)

    • On-board speaker
    • MEMS Microphone with LED indicator
    • Touch sensitive Logo
    • Built in sleep/off mode (enabling the board to be powered down whilst batteries remain connected)
    • Discreate regulator (to supply up to 200mA of current to external accessories)




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