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    Picture of Fimo Accessories Modelling Tools

    Fimo Accessories Modelling Tools

    FIMO 8711
    Fimo tool kit with 4 different plastic modelling tools. You can use the plastic blades to cut, round, press, etc. in the work with Fimo
    Picture of Plastic Clay Modelling Tools Set of 7

    Plastic Clay Modelling Tools Set of 7

    CR 349444
    Create quality details in clay, plaster, pottery, silly putty and more.

    These tools will add definition to both large and tiny detailed areas of projects

    6" in length
    Picture of Pottery Tool  Kit Set of 8

    Pottery Tool Kit Set of 8

    EV CSA8
    This versatile kit contains all the basic pottery tools such as sponge, scraper, wire clay cutter, loop tool and potters rib
    Picture of SG Metal Banding Potters Wheel 10x2inch

    SG Metal Banding Potters Wheel 10x2inch

    SG SCS05
    SG Metal Pottery Turning Wheel.

  • Pottery Tool ideal for lifting and turning large clay projects.
  • Heavy duty quality turning wheel.
  • Perfect for creating ceramics, pottery, cake decorating and various craft applications.
  • Size: 10x2inch
  • €59.95
    Picture of Wood Wire End Tool Set of 10

    Wood Wire End Tool Set of 10

    CR 349156
    Wood Wire End Clay Making Tools

  • 10 assorted tools
  • Length: 6 inches
  • €8.91
    Picture of Wooden Boxwood Modelling Tool 8" Set of 15

    Wooden Boxwood Modelling Tool 8" Set of 15

    EV NSD-15
    Boxwood Modelling Tools

  • Modelling Tolls set of 15 made from wood.
  • 8inch in length
  • €9.95
    Picture of Wooden Rolling Pin

    Wooden Rolling Pin

    FIN HC77278
    The Wood Rolling Pin with a diameter of 5cm and a length of 37.5cm is a reliable and traditional tool for effortless and even rolling of dough. Crafted from durable wood, it is perfect for baking and pastry-making, ensuring smooth and consistent results.

  • Made from wood.
  • 5cm diameter.
  • 37.5cm length
  • €18.50
    Picture of Sculpey Texture Wheel & 4 Wheels

    Sculpey Texture Wheel & 4 Wheels

    One handle with four different patterns. Wheels roll freely to create continuous patterns. Designs include: Rope, Vine, Feather Stitch and Pearl
    Picture of Clay Rollers Set of 4

    Clay Rollers Set of 4

    EV 10104
    Set of 4 assorted pattern dough rollers
    Picture of Polyresin Rabbits Pack of 4

    Polyresin Rabbits Pack of 4

    RAY 46142000
    Enhance your décor with this charming pack of Polyresin Rabbits! Each measuring 2x2x4cm, these adorable figures come in a convenient pack of four, complete with adhesive dots for easy placement.

    Perfect for Easter displays, fairy gardens, or whimsical accents, these rabbits add a touch of sweetness to any setting. Craft delightful scenes or embellish your crafts with these versatile and enchanting decorations.
    Picture of Silicone Casting Mould Happy Egg 4 Designs

    Silicone Casting Mould Happy Egg 4 Designs

    RAY 36136000
    An individual Easter decoration! This casting mould is really something special: the motifs can be cast as a napkin ring and an eggcup fitted with a hole in the middle or as a tealight candleholder with a cast-in base.

    Silicone casting mould Happy Egg, 4 motifs:
  • 2x bunny (5.6 x 10.9 cm)
  • 2x Easter egg (5.6 x 7.3 cm)
  • Each 2 cm deep.

  • The casting mould is made of high-quality silicone, extremely elastic, dimensionally stable and frost- and heat-resistant (from -40°C to +230°C). Great for casting with creative-cement and creative-cement 5in1 (material requirements about 400 g), Raysin 200 (material requirements about 350 g), casting resin and wax.

    Application: Before use, rinse the mould with water. No extra release agent such as oil or the like is required. Fill the mould with the casting compound and let it dry thoroughly. Thanks to the extremely elastic silicone material, the cast item can be easily demoulded after drying. Clean the mould afterwards with water and some dishwashing detergent; it retains its shape and can be reused.

    TIPS: The moulds can be poured out to different height levels. The most suitable paints and media for painting, writing on and adorning are the acrylic paints, e.g. Outdoor Paint, Allround Paint, Ultimate Sheen, Chalky Finish chalk paint, markers, decorative metal and much more.