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    Monk Makes

    Monk Makes is an innovative brand that combines technology and education to create engaging and hands-on learning experiences. Their range of products includes electronics kits and educational resources designed to inspire curiosity and creativity in learners of all ages.

    From DIY electronics projects to coding adventures, Monk Makes empowers individuals to explore the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in a fun and interactive way. Their products foster critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a deep understanding of technology concepts.

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    Picture of MonkMakes CO2 sensor for Micro:bit

    MonkMakes CO2 sensor for Micro:bit

    MONK 072
    This board, designed for use with the Lets Talk Science Living Space Project, provides a CO2, temperature and Relative Humidity measurements to a BBC micro:bit. Includes a 9V battery clip adapter with the CO2 sensor. (Battery not included). Compatible with micro:bit v1 and v2!
    Picture of MonkMakes Connector for Micro:bit

    MonkMakes Connector for Micro:bit

    MONK 084
    The MonkMakes Connector for micro:bit makes it super-easy to connect I2C, SPI and other devices to your micro:bit without losing the main connector rings. Unlike other connectors that are designed to break-out all the micro:bit pins, this connector just breaks out the useful ones that are not in use by the micro:bit for other purposes. And most importantly, you don't lose access to the micro:bit's normal connector rings. Compatible with micro:bit v1 and v2!
    Picture of MonkMakes Electronic Starter Kit for Micro:bit

    MonkMakes Electronic Starter Kit for Micro:bit

    MONK 063
    Combine the best of MonkMakes with Micro:bit and begin exploring, designing, & produce a wonderful, easy to use, classroom safe & economical solution to a wide range of projects! Including IOT, circuitry, Sensor use, programming and so much more. For use with beginners to advanced use! This kit combines everything needed to bring a simplistic and powerful microcontroller to life!
    Picture of MonkMakes Relay for Micro:bit

    MonkMakes Relay for Micro:bit

    MONK 061
    The MonkMakes Relay for micro:bit is a solidstate (no moving parts) relay that allows an output of a micro:bit to turn things on and off. This relay can be used to switch low voltage devices such as light bulbs, a motor, a small heating element or even a string of 12V LED lighting. The voltage needs to be kept under 16V, but the relay will automatically protect itself against too much current. Please note that the individual boards are packed in antistatic bubblewrap bags.
    Picture of MonkMakes RGB LED Board for Micro:bit

    MonkMakes RGB LED Board for Micro:bit

    MONK 064
    The MonkMakes RGB LED for micro:bit provides a colorful add-on to your micro:bit. Connect it up with alligator/crocodile clips and then use the three outputs of your micro:bit to control the red, green and blue channels to mix up any color of light you want.
    Picture of MonkMakes Sensor Board for Microbit

    MonkMakes Sensor Board for Microbit

    MONK 062
    The MonkMakes Sensor Board allows you to detect sound levels, temperature and light levels. It features ring pad connectors for use with crocodile clips make it easy to connect to the board to a microbit The MonkMakes Sensor Board for micro:bit allows you to sense sound level, temperature and light level. You can connect it up to your micro:bit using alligator clips. Features 3V and GND connections can be made from either side and allow you to power a second board such as the MonkMakes Relay Board or MonkMakes Speaker. LED ‘power on'; indicator Reverse polarity protection All three sensors are analog and can be connected to pins P0, P1 and P2 using alligator clips.
    Picture of MonkMakes Servo for Micro:bit

    MonkMakes Servo for Micro:bit

    MONK 073
    The MonkMakes Servo for micro:bit board provides a really easy way to attach up to three servomotors to a BBC micro:bit. The board requires a power supply or battery pack to provide 5 or 6V to the servomotors. It includes a voltage regulator that will supply 3V back to the micro:bit, so that you don’t have to power it separately.
    Picture of MonkMakes Servo Kit

    MonkMakes Servo Kit

    MONK 075
    Ideal for creating micro:bit based robotics projects, the Servo Kit for micro:bit allows you to easily connect up to three servo motors and control them with block code. This kit comes with everything you need to get started and full instructions are available to download. Up to 2A total can be supplied to the servos Includes a voltage regulator that supplies 3V to power the micro:bit Electrolytic reservoir capacitor for the servomotors Polarity protection for the servomotors Integrated 1kOhm resistors to prevent accidental short-circuits of the micro:bit output pins Orange LED to indicate power is connected Contents Servo board, 3x servos, AA battery box and 10x crocodile leads Footnotes Note: micro:bit and batteries shown for illustration only, not included
    Picture of MonkMakes Solar Experimenters Kit for micro:bit

    MonkMakes Solar Experimenters Kit for micro:bit

    MONK 090
    With the Solar Experimenters Kit, you will use a practical and experiment-led approach to learn how small amounts of energy can be harvested from the sun, converted to electrical energy and then be stored for later use. Connect the kit to a microbitwith the included alligator clips and work through the 6 experiments, learning as you go. The kit is supplied with a; Solar Store board, Solar Panel, bulb, motor with fan, set of alligator clip leads, and a full-colour instruction booklet. First, the booklet gets you set up and acquainted with the parts, then it guides you through your solar farming learning adventure.
    Picture of MonkMakes Speaker for Micro:bit

    MonkMakes Speaker for Micro:bit

    MONK 060
    The MonkMakes Speaker for micro:bit is a neat little amplified speaker that connects to your micro:bit using alligator clips. Despite its small size, this speaker is pretty loud.
    Picture of MonkMakes Slider for Micro:bit

    MonkMakes Slider for Micro:bit

    MONK 085
    The MonkMakes Slider for micro:bit allows you to interact with your micro:bit by sliding a control left and right. The kit includes the Slider for micro:bit itself plus a set of 5 alligator clip leads. Comprehensive instructions with example projects are provided as a free download.

    The board uses a 10kΩ linear variable resistor (pot) to output a voltage between 0 and 3V that can be measured in your micro:bit programs using one of the micro:bit connections as an analog input.