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    Maker's Red Box Global Warming Teacher's Box & Supplies Starter Kit (for 12)

    Manufacturer: Maker's Red Box
    A research vessel sets off on an expedition around the world to understand global warming and how it affects climate. During the journey, the crew members wear many hats as they research, assess, design and build, discovering smart solutions and winning strategies for adapting to life in a changing climate. Their mission? To gain knowledge through exploring best practices in sustainability and passing it on to others – and laying the foundations of sustainable living. Global warning is a science-based, data-based, non-biased course material that storyfies and gamifies climate change to make it accessible for students of all interests and abilities. These boxes come with a lifetime license for each school or makerspace.
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    The Maker’s Red Box
    Starter Kit includes

    • Teacher’s guide

    • Structured guide for 16 maker occasions

    • Online video tutorial for each lesson

    • Classroom presentations

    • Program codes

    • Digital object designs (STL, CAD)

    • Competency guide

    • Soldering guide

    • Micro:bit workbook

    • Sample kit

    • Supplements for 12 students (additional supplements available)

    • Online platform: digital content, community, support

    Global warning: STEAM-focused course material


    Traditional education needs a rethink.
    Building factual knowledge and
    providing tried-and-tested answers to
    existing problems served students
    well in the past when schools’ primary
    goal was to prepare them for life in
    the industrial economy. But this
    approach is no longer engaging or
    motivating for children, nor is it
    effective in navigating this brave new
    digital world.

    The digital citizens of the future must
    be prepared to find solutions to
    challenges that might not even exist
    today, use technology to research,
    create and collaborate, and share their
    ideas with impact. This requires
    schools to equip students with hard
    skills they often lack themselves and
    soft skills that are near-impossible to
    teach in a traditional classroom

    Global warning: STEAM-focused course material

    From lecture-based to
    problem-based learning
    According to the World Economic Forum, many of today’s
    students will work in jobs that do not yet exist. Still, it is
    already clear that tech savvy is far from being the only skill
    they will need in the future. The Society of Human Resource
    Management has found that soft skills such as
    problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity are the top
    qualities employers miss in today’s job applicants, regardless
    of industry or job type.
    Maker’s Red Box programmes foster problem- and
    inquiry-based learning and motivate children to find
    solutions using a mix of traditional crafts and digital
    technology by working together to achieve a larger goal.
    Building 3D printed cities, designing Mars rovers and
    laser-cutting robots give them a stronger drive to succeed, a
    greater awareness of their environment and a deeper
    understanding of the course material than any other form of
    At the same time, team-based, hands-on creation challenges
    them to apply the essential four C’s of the 21st-century:
    critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication.
    Not only that, it also prepares them to become productive
    members of a global workforce and society; one where
    cross-border cooperation, understanding cultural diversity
    and using technology to connect with and learn from each
    other are absolute necessities.

     Global warning: STEAM-focused course material

    Maker pedagogy is no longer
    a “nice to have” in education
    – it is a must
    It is also doable. Maker’s Red Box programmes are more than
    simple course materials. They include comprehensive
    teacher’s guides and supporting digital content such as
    presentations and lines of code. In other words, everything
    educators need to plan, prepare for and manage a maker
    education course – besides an open mind and willingness to
    learn new technologies.

    The courses do not require students to have any prior
    experience or special knowledge of maker technologies
    either. Through the use of “frame” stories, they become part of
    a narrative in a way that best suits their interests and abilities.
    Tested in various environments, from summer camps to
    weekly workshops, the materials are designed to help
    educators tailor courses to individual strengths and



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