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    Picture of A4 Manuscript Music Copy

    A4 Manuscript Music Copy

    SUP 60547
  • Manuscript Music Copy
  • A4
  • 24 Pages
  • €1.75
    Picture of Carlsboro CSD501 Mesh Head Electronic Drum Kit

    Carlsboro CSD501 Mesh Head Electronic Drum Kit

    CARL CSD501
    The Carlsbro CSD501 8-Piece Electronic mesh head Kit is perfect for Live performance or studio recording sessions. The mesh heads give a more realistic feel and all pads can be adjusted with drum key to suit the players preferred acoustic head tension.

    Included: 1 x Commander 501 Sound Module, 1 x 8″ mesh bass pad with bass kick pedal, 1 x 10″ mesh Dual-zone snare pad and rim-shot strongly, 3 x 8″ mesh dual-zone Tom pads, 1 x 10″ Single-zone Hi-hat cymbal pad, 1 x 12″ dual-zone crash cymbal pad with choke, 1 x 12″ dual-zone ride cymbal pad with choke, 1 x Hi-hat controller pedal, 1 x sturdy 4-legged drum rack, with all mounting hardware and invisible cabling.

    Commander 501 Sound Module
    – 128 x 64 character LCD display
    – 358 high quality percussion voices
    – 29 preset drum kits – 12 user defined drums kits
    – 20 demo songs
    – Aux in jack, Line output, Headphone output
    – USB interface (USB to device), MIDI IN/OUT
    – Recording and playback facility
    – Adjustable sensitivity
    – Adjustable crosstalk
    – Metronome
    – 3 band EQ, 2 reverb settings
    – Internal rechargeable power supply: 4400mAh
    – Battery life: 8 hours (continuous use)
    Picture of Castanets Wooden

    Castanets Wooden

    PP 591
    These red and blue wooden castanets are ideal for younger children as they are lightweight, easy to use and fun to play with.

  • Wooden Castanets
  • Ideal For Younger Children
  • Easy and Fun
  • Lightweight
  • €7.95
    Picture of Claves Maple

    Claves Maple

    PP 212
    Claves are a set of percussion musical instruments. These claves are made from maple and are 8″ (20cm) long. They produce a bright clicking noise when struck and are ideal for playing repeating patterns throughout a piece. They are easy to play and great for exploring rhythm.

  • Ideal For Children
  • Bright Clicking Sounds
  • Ideal for Ongoing Rhythms
  • Short and Lightweight
  • Easy To Use
  • €8.95
    Picture of Glockenspiel Junior

    Glockenspiel Junior

    PP 920
    Chromatic Junior Glockenspiel is a popular, fun soprano Glockenspiel with 25 fixed notes that is very portable thanks to the case. It can be easily stored at school or at home. The Chromatic Junior Glockenspiel includes notes A61 - A85 with 2 Octaves Beaters.

  • Notes A61 - A85
  • 2 Octaves
  • Beaters Supplied
  • Comes in Case
  • Fun and Portable
  • €45.01
    Picture of Keyboard Adjustable Seat

    Keyboard Adjustable Seat

    A basic height adjustable keyboard bench finished in black with padded top

    A standard keyboard bench, with a black seat, and non-slip feet. Adjustable to three positions (48cm to 58cm height range), and has a seat size of 43cm x 31cm.
    Picture of Maracas


    PP 536
    These Maracas from Percussion Plus are a pair of high-quality percussion instruments that bring the vibrant sound of maracas to your music. These maracas are carefully crafted to produce a clear and resonant sound, adding rhythm and texture to your performances. With their comfortable grip handles, they are easy to hold and play, making them suitable for both beginners and experienced musicians.

    The durable plastic construction ensures long-lasting use, and the pair of maracas are designed to produce consistent and balanced sound. Whether you're playing in a band, jamming with friends, or adding a lively touch to your music, these Maracas are a fantastic choice for adding that authentic Latin American percussion sound to your repertoire.
    Picture of Metal Shaker

    Metal Shaker

    PP 525
    Fun and easy to use to create a crisp and interesting sound. Perfect for any percussion ensemble and band.

  • Cylindrical ganza shaker
  • Quality metal finish
  • Lightweight yet durable construction
  • Comfortable shape to hold
  • Ideal for samba music
  • €14.94