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    Picture of Origami Folding Paper 20x20cm 100 Sheets

    Origami Folding Paper 20x20cm 100 Sheets

    RAY 71830000
    The Rayher Origami Folding Paper offers endless possibilities for origami enthusiasts. With 100 sheets measuring 20x20cm, this high-quality paper ensures precise folding and vibrant results, allowing you to create a multitude of intricate and beautiful origami designs. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced folder, this pack is perfect for unleashing your creativity and crafting stunning origami creations.

  • Colour: Assortment
  • 20x20cm
  • €9.80
    Picture of Origami Pack 3 Sizes Hanayo 60 Sheets

    Origami Pack 3 Sizes Hanayo 60 Sheets

    CF 95347C
    Originally from Japan, origami is the art of folding paper. These origami papers are very practical. 3 sizes come together in one case

    Fun and accessible to all, from beginners to advanced crafters, origami can take on both simple or more complex form animals, flowers, decorative objects.. Without cutting or gluing. A pinch of imagination and skills are enough to give free rein to creativity

  • 3 sizes assortment: 10x10cm, 15x15cm, 20x20cm
  • 60 sheets
  • 70g
  • Pattern on the front, plain on the back
  • 10 different patterns repeated twice per size
  • €8.50
    Picture of Origami Vegetal Chic Paper 60 Sheets

    Origami Vegetal Chic Paper 60 Sheets

    CF 95354C
    Vegetal Chic origami paper by Clairefontaine with online instructional videos for easy folding.

    Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. It is a great way to develop imagination and manual skills of children as well as adults. Square-shaped folding paper is an essential element in the art of origami. Ready-made and cut out elements make work much easier and faster.

  • 60 Sheets
  • 70g
  • 15cm x 15cm
  • €8.50
    Picture of Origami Flower Paper 60 Sheets

    Origami Flower Paper 60 Sheets

    CF 95344C
    This Clairefontaine Origami set of 60 features 60 sheets of 70gsm paper in three assorted sizes with 20 sheets of 10x 10 cm, 25 x 15cm and 20 x 20cm.

    Each set has a theme and comes with a QR code on the cover which when scanned will take you to a guide for each set.

  • 60 Sheets
  • 70g
  • Three assorted sizes: 10x10 cm, 25x15cm and 20x20cm
  • €8.50