Chase across the Square Maths Board Game





Product Description:

Chase across the Square Maths Board Game

Throw the dice and move across the board collecting coloured tokens as you go.
You will encounter squares which will move you forwards or back.
You may land on a chance square which will change your luck. Different squares will bring various surprises. When the first player completes the board, all players calculate the value of their tokens. The player with the highest value of tokens wins.
Become more confident with the calculation of numbers between 0-99. Learning has never been so much fun.
Are you ready to chase across the square?

For children aged 7 upwards
Helps develop mental maths skills in a fun, social environment
Bridges the gap between addition and repeated addition
Children learn without realising!
10- 15 play time approx.
Minimal set up time and no batteries required
Manufactured in Ireland

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