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Elecfreaks Smart Agricultural Health Kit (excludes micro:bit)
Elecfreaks Smart Agricultural Health Kit (excludes micro:bit)
Elecfreaks Smart Agricultural Health Kit (excludes micro:bit)

Elecfreaks Smart Agricultural Health Kit (excludes micro:bit)

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Product Description:

The micro:bit Smart Agriculture Kit has a well-selection of IoT:bit, DS18B20 temperature sensor, soil moisture sensor, water level sensor, PIR sensor, servos and etc.,

The Kit can be used it to build such themes as the smart insects repelling machine, the ecological greenhouse, the fish pond water level monitoring device and more, from which we can learn the modern agriculture and program and explore more possibilities to apply the information technology in agriculture.


What’s Included?

1 x IoT:bit Internet WIFI extension board for micro:bit
1 x Rainbow LED
1 x PIR sensor
1 x DS18B20 sensor
1 x DHT11 sensor
1 x Sonar:bit
1 x Soil moisture sensor
1 x Water level sensor
1 x OLED screen
1 x EF92A 180° servo
1 x micro USB cable
Jumper wires






Projects you can make

Case 01: Auto Irrigation in Farmlands
Case 02: Temp.&Humidity Monitoring in the Greenhouse
Case 03: Artificial Light for Agriculture
Case 04: Farmlands Protection Device
Case 05: Water Temperature Detection
More interesting cases are constantly updated…


micro:bit Smart Agriculture Kit

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