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Flux HEXA Laser Cutter
Flux HEXA Laser Cutter
Flux HEXA Laser Cutter
Flux HEXA Laser Cutter
Flux HEXA Laser Cutter
Flux HEXA Laser Cutter

Flux HEXA Laser Cutter

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Product Description:



Beyond your profession

33% more working area

There is a 33% working dimension increase of FLUX HEXA compared to Beambox PRO.

1000 DPI with the short focusing lens (add-on)

Exclusive optional short focusing lens (free add-on with the pre order machines), which greatly reduces the laser spot so you can go up to a fine resolution of 1000 DPI. 

Electric lifting platform and autofocus

HEXA is equipped with an electric lifting platform as standard, setting the height has never been easier.

It has also a build in autofocus which makes setting the correct height as easy as pushing a button.

Inner box cleaning drawer

Equipped with an exclusive inner box cleaning drawer, it greatly simplifies the steps of organizing and cleaning the machine and provides an easier and simpler users process.

Safe & easy

HEXA can handle heavy-duty tasks and is designed with seriously considered safety features.

When the cover is opened, the light emission and operation will be automatically stopped, the built-in water temperature control and fire protection warning notice will take away any worries during the creative process and a strong ventilation fan for the exhaust, which not only ensures safety but also eliminates unpleasant odors. The front and rear cover is designed with dampers for easy closing, the liftable back cover mechanism enhances the safety and convenience of the production process.

Flexible connection methods

HEXA provides multiple connection integration methods, direct connection from WiFi, USB, network cable..., no matter whether it is wired or wireless, HEXA stays online!


Flash Drive



Mobile Device


What's inside the box?

  • 1x FLUX HEXA (distilled water not included, has to be filled before usage)
  • 1x Honey Comb Platform (60W)
  • 1x Vent House 200cm + Ring clamp
  • 1x Wifi USB Dongle
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x Laser Cutter Lubricant
  • 1x Tape to align the mirror's
  • 1x Package with wrench's and extra tool's
  • 10x Cone spacers


Software and hardware integration, easy to use

Beam Studio, the free software that is 100% in-house developed by FLUX, now supports free web interface to run the machines with applications like a Chromebook and iPad.



Customize a dynamic range of products in any unique shape or style, add on accessories allow for even more configurations and materials including steel and rounded objects, perfect for your small business needs.
  Materials 1
Wood 10mm
 Acrylic 10mm
 Leather 6mm
Cardboard 7mm
Fabric 20mm
Anode Metal  
Stainless Steel *  

(with spray)


Tech specs comparison

Install Note:  Exhaust vent hole - the port is 120mm in diameter. The vent hose that is added with the machine has one side with a diameter of 120mm to contact to the machine and one side that is 100mm to connect to a possible filter.


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