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    Promarker Designer Grey & Black Tones Set of 24

    Manufacturer: Winsor & Newton
    Winsor Newton Student Designer Promarker Wallet Set - Grey and Black Tones. Ideal for all kinds of artwork, illustration, sketching, fine art, interior design, landscape design, architecture, calligraphy, manga, cartoon drawing and more. Create tonal visuals and greyscale art, or add shade and definition when working in colour with this comprehensive collection.

    For Professionals - In the office ProMarkers are great for all kinds of presentation, including OHPs
    For Hobby Crafters - At home, use ProMarkers for your hobby-craft activities like scrapbooking, bullet journals, rubber-stamping, greetings cards, fabrics and textile artworks etc.

    This set includes:
  • Warm Grey 1, Warm Grey 2, Warm Grey 3, Warm Grey 4, Warm Grey 5: a hint of brown gives these greys a richer feel
  • Ice Grey 1, Ice Grey 2, Ice Grey 3, Ice Grey 4, Ice Grey 5: the frostiest greys, with the lighter shades often used to convey snow or the palest fur colours.
  • 2 x Cool Grey 1, 2 x Cool Grey 2, 2 x Cool Grey 3, 2 x Cool Grey 4, 2 x Cool Grey 5: the most neutral of greys, versatile and good for highlighting or creating shade and shadows.
  • 2 x Black: a staple colour for your marker collection, whether used as an outliner or worked into your composition.
  • 2 x Blender: apply it as an under-layer, to keep ink wetter and more malleable for longer, or on wet ink to create subtle graduations of colour.
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