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    Raspberry Pi Offical Micro USB Type B Power Supply

    Manufacturer: Raspberry Pi
    This is the official UK Raspberry Pi 12.5W Micro USB Power Supply, designed to power any Raspberry Pi computer that features a micro USB connector - including the new Raspberry Pi Zero 2.

    Featuring a 1.5m long cable, this power supply provides 5.1V 2.5A - ideal for all Raspberry Pi boards with a Micro-USB power connection.

    This power supply is for use in the Republic of Ireland / United Kingdom (3-pin UK-style plug) and is compatible with the following Raspberry Pi boards:
  • Raspberry Pi Zero 2
  • Raspberry Pi Zero WH
  • Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • Raspberry Pi Zero 1.3
  • Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+

  • Compatible with:
  • Raspberry Pi Zero
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    UK 3-pin power supply



    Output voltage: +5.1V DC

    Minimum load current: 0.0A

    Nominal load current: 2.5A

    Maximum power: 12.5W

    Load regulation: ±5%

    Line regulation: ±2%

    Ripple & noise: 120mVp-p

    Rise time: 100ms maximum to regulation limits for DC outputs

    Turn-on delay: 3000ms maximum at nominal input AC voltage and full load

    Protection: Short circuit protection

    Overcurrent protection

    Efficiency: 80.73% minimum (output current from 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%)

    Output cable: 1.5m 18AWG

    Output connector: micro USB


    Voltage range: 100–240Vac (rated)

    96–264Vac (operating)

    Frequency: 50/60Hz ±3Hz

    Current: 0.5A maximum

    Power consumption (no load): 0.075W maximum

    Operating ambient temperature 0–40°C

    Inrush current: No damage shall occur and the input fuse shall not blow

    Compliance: For local and regional product approvals, please visit

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    The Raspberry Pi 5 case is made of ABS construction with cut-outs for the dual HDMI, Audio/Video, USB, Ethernet ports, as well as the USB-C power connector and access to the microSD card. The status LED can be easily visible through the rubber reflector. An optional clip-on lid can be removed to provide access to your Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins or connect a HAT.

    The case is a refinement of the Raspberry Pi 4 case, with improved thermal features to support the higher peak power consumption of Raspberry Pi 5. It integrates a variable-speed fan which is controlled by a dedicated connector on the Raspberry Pi 5 PCB.

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    Featuring a 64-bit quad-core Arm Cortex-A76 processor running at 2.4GHz, Raspberry Pi 5 delivers a 2-3x increase in CPU performance relative to Raspberry Pi 4! Raspberry Pi 5 also brings with it a huge list of great new features and improvements, making this the best Raspberry Pi yet!

    2-3x CPU performance increase
    The new 64-bit quad-core Arm Cortex-A76 processor at the heart of Raspberry Pi 5 runs at 2.4GHz with cryptography extensions, 512KB per-core L2 caches and a 2MB shared L3 cache. This new Broadcom BCM2712 SoC (System on Chip) provides a 2-3x increase in performance over the previous generation of Raspberry Pi!

    Improved graphics performance with dual 4Kp60 display output
    Raspberry Pi 5 delivers a substantial uplift in graphics performance from the 800MHz VideoCore VII GPU, connected to the BCM2712 via PCI Express. This allows Raspberry Pi 5 to offer full dual 4Kp60 display output via micro HDMI. These performance improvements provide a smooth desktop experience whilst browsing the internet and streaming videos.

    Enhanced I/O capabilities including PCI-E!
    For the first time, this is a full-size Raspberry Pi computer using silicon built in-house at Raspberry Pi. The RP1 "southbridge" provides the bulk of the I/O capabilities for Raspberry Pi 5, and delivers a step change in peripheral performance and functionality.
  • Aggregate USB bandwidth is more than doubled, yielding faster transfer speeds to external UAS drives and other high-speed peripherals
  • Peak MicroSD card performance is doubled, through support for the SDR104 high-speed mode
  • Single-lane PCI Express 2.0 interface, providing support for high-bandwidth peripherals.

  • Power button (finally!)
    Makers and enthusiasts have been asking for a dedicated onboard power button on the Raspberry Pi for as long as we can remember - and Raspberry Pi 5 finally delivers this much-requested convenience!

    Real-time clock (RTC)
    A real-time clock (RTC) is built into the board, allowing you to maintain time/date information even when you power off or aren't connected to the internet (when a backup battery is connected). A dedicated header on the board has been added to allow the use of a backup battery for the RTC. A lithium battery with a compatible header will be available on, or shortly after, the launch of Raspberry Pi 5.

    Dedicated fan header
    Raspberry Pi 5 includes a new dedicated fan header to the right of the familiar GPIO pin header, allowing you to connect and run a cooling fan without interfering with your GPIO-connected devices. Now you can add HATs and other hardware without workarounds to connect a fan.

    Dedicated UART header
    Another handy addition to Raspberry Pi 5 is the dedicated UART header. Now you can debug and control your Raspberry Pi 5 headlessly and without interfering with your GPIO pins. This dedicated UART header also allows debugging from boot, and is designed to be used with the Raspberry Pi Debug probe for quick, convenient debugging.

    Plus other improvements and changes
  • Mounting holes for coolers/heatsinks (designed for the Raspberry Pi Active Cooler)
  • Composite video header
  • Memory indication markers for easy board RAM identification
  • Unique board ID number on the board and packaging
  • Relocated PoE header
  • Audio jack removed
  • Flush(ish) underside to GPIO pins
  • Metal supporting tabs to protect components on the underside

  • €68.95