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    What began in 1961 as a two-man company, has developed in over 60 years one of the leading companies in the hobby & craft sector. A brief review pinpoints a corporate history that everyone likes to hear about: a young man who had a business idea and rolled up his sleeves to fulfill his dream of running his own company.

    Wolfgang Rayher was 20 years old when he founded a company for fashion jewellery on 1st April 1961 in Marbach am Neckar. It was essentially about a jewellery out of wooden beads. The jewellery was produced in a cottage industry and offered on the regional market. After a short time, the change in the fashion taste required additional designs and materials. Wolfgang Rayher extended his range with jewelleries out of glass, plastics and metal. Since some parts of jewellery creations exhibited signs of wear over the years, it raised in 1967 the issue of the need for spare parts. Hence the idea emerged of offering single parts for self-made necklaces.

    Over the years more products followed from the craft sector - the product ranges and the company grow. In the 80s, many European countries are already being supplied, dealer trainings are carried out, and in 1988 the first in-house exhibition of the sector takes place. In 1992, the sole proprietorship Wolfgang Rayher is converted into Rayher Hobby GmbH.

    Thanks to continuous growth, the company’s registered office located in Laupheim since 1978 is continuously expanding. In 1997, it has been invested in a new high-bay warehouse with a storage capacity of 4.500 pallets. Only four years later, the company’s registered office was split up within Laupheim - a new logistics center with the latest technology was created. In 2002, the son Stephan Rayher joined the management. A year later, Rayher founded his own production and packaging workshop in Serbia.

    To be closer to the needs of the creativity enthusiasts and to feel the pulse of the market, our company operates currently three franchise branches, five shop-in-shop concepts and seven own stores in Germany with our subsidiary Rayher Retail.

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    Picture of Rayher  Booklet 'Weekly Planner'

    Rayher Booklet 'Weekly Planner'

    RAY 50226521
    Booklet Weekly Planner A5, 60 sheets, 80 g/m², kraft
    Picture of Rayher 0,4mm Jewellery Wire - Gold

    Rayher 0,4mm Jewellery Wire - Gold

    RAY 2110606
    0.4 mm x2 metres Colour: Gold Plastic coated
    Picture of Rayher 14mm Straight Pins

    Rayher 14mm Straight Pins

    RAY 2107300
    Picture of Rayher 3D Adhesive Dots 5mm 300pieces

    Rayher 3D Adhesive Dots 5mm 300pieces

    RAY 30056000
    Picture of Rayher 3D Christmas Stickers

    Rayher 3D Christmas Stickers

    RAY 60747000
    Create a Christmas spirit on your parcels, cards and gift tags with these stickers! With these stickers, you can conjure up a Christmas feeling in 3D on even the plainest background.

    The sachet is also great as a pouch to be filled on the Advent calendar. The paper stickers have a diameter between 1.5 cm and 10x4 cm.
    Picture of Rayher 3D Hand Moulding Kit

    Rayher 3D Hand Moulding Kit

    RAY 34471000
    Keeping the memory alive forever. A true-to-detail 3D plaster imprint of hands makes a wonderful gift for couples, girl-friends, Mother's Day and many other occasions. A true-to-detail 3D plaster imprint of children's or adults' hands can be made with the material from this kit. To ensure a good final outcome, detailed instructions are included showing each step of the process in detail. Contents: 500 g of impression material 1000 g of Raysin 100 (plaster powder) 1 bucket as impression material container 1 sandpaper 3 wooden skewers 1 instructions. Skin-friendly, high-quality and fast-curing impression material. All materials have been thoroughly tried and tested.
    Picture of Rayher Acrylic Strass Stones Adhesive Blue

    Rayher Acrylic Strass Stones Adhesive Blue

    RAY 1522210
    Picture of Rayher Acrylic Strass Stones Adhesive Red

    Rayher Acrylic Strass Stones Adhesive Red

    RAY 1522218
    Rayher Acrylic Strass Stones Adhesive Red 9 different shapes. 3-12mm. 58 Sticker stones.
    Picture of Rayher Adhesive Dots 3mm

    Rayher Adhesive Dots 3mm

    RAY 3329500
    Picture of Rayher Adhesive Stars gold 10x23 cm

    Rayher Adhesive Stars gold 10x23 cm

    RAY 3391706
    Picture of Rayher Adhesive Stars Silver 10x23 cm

    Rayher Adhesive Stars Silver 10x23 cm

    RAY 3391722
    Picture of Rayher Assorted Lollipop Sticks 150x20mm

    Rayher Assorted Lollipop Sticks 150x20mm

    RAY 6121649
    Rayher Wooden Lollipop Sticks Assorted Pack of 36sticks 150 mm
    Picture of Rayher Beeswax Pellets 200g

    Rayher Beeswax Pellets 200g

    RAY 3104500
    Rayher Beeswax Pellets 200g
    Picture of Rayher Carabiner Catch with Ring - Silver

    Rayher Carabiner Catch with Ring - Silver

    RAY 2196522
    An elegant jewelry clasp that stands out for its exceptional design. It is suitable for your homemade bracelet or necklace. The eyelet at the end has a diameter of approximately 2 mm. The ring has a diameter of about 5mm. Colour - Silver
    Picture of Rayher Christmas Frosted Fir Twig with Berries

    Rayher Christmas Frosted Fir Twig with Berries

    RAY 55868000
    Visually deceptively real, but guaranteed needle-free!The frozen pine branch with red berries is a great decorative accessory for winter and Christmas decorations.

    Perfect for floral decorations such as wreaths and flower arrangements, but also a beautiful decorative material for Christmas handicrafts and winter decorations.

    The fir branch has a length of 24.5 cm and inspires with an iced look and red berries.

    Visually, the branch looks fresh from the forest and still has the great advantage that it is guaranteed not to needle and will retain its perfect appearance.
    Picture of Rayher Christmas Greetings Stamps

    Rayher Christmas Greetings Stamps

    RAY 50219000
    Especially at Christmas, personalized Christmas cards, tags, gifts or decorations are a beautiful thing and you can make your own with these creative stamps.

    This pack includes 7 designs. Made with high quality and durable photopolymer.

    Clear Stamps are transparent stamps for precise stamping. They are easy to clean and you can see exactly where you're dabbing.

    Individual stamps are glued between two clear, sturdy sheets. They are safely stored and can be used over and over again.
    Picture of Rayher Circle Punch 2.54cm

    Rayher Circle Punch 2.54cm

    RAY 8959800
    Picture of Rayher Circle Punch 5.08cm

    Rayher Circle Punch 5.08cm

    RAY 8961400
    Picture of Rayher Clock Hands 30x40mm

    Rayher Clock Hands 30x40mm

    RAY 8931601
    Rayher Clock Hands Set
    Picture of Rayher Color Tablets for Wax Med Blue

    Rayher Color Tablets for Wax Med Blue

    RAY 3102809
    Picture of Rayher Craft Toolbox

    Rayher Craft Toolbox

    RAY 27002000
    Handicraft toolbox - the basic accessory for all creative craft hobbyists and many others. Once filled with professional, high-quality handicraft tools, this practical box becomes an indispensable part of everyday life. Sturdy plastic box, 28 x 12 x 13 cm, a loose insert at the top of the box with differently sized compartments for small elements of all kinds, bottom with large storage compartment for tools. The large lock keeps the filled box securely closed, the solid carrying handle can be swung aside for easy storage in the box.

    Toolbox, 8-part, filled with professional, high-quality craft tools:
  • 1 precision craft knife incl. 3 spare blades for accurate cutting of angles, curves and lines being suited to paper, foam rubber, fabric, etc.
  • 1 craft scissors (20.5cm) for cutting paper, cardboard, fabric, photos and much more, fitted with soft handles for a high level of user comfort.
  • 1 side cutting pliers made from high-quality chrome vanadium steel (11.5cm) for cutting and shortening jewellery wire, metal prism pins, link chains and much more, made of high-quality chrome vanadium steel.
  • 1 craft glue (40g) that is quick-drying, solvent-free, transparent, water-based, perfect for gluing on paper, wood, fabric, cardboard, leather, cork, foam, etc.
  • 1 special double-sided adhesive tape, highly transparent (20m roll, 6mm) particularly suited to very wafer-thin paper sheets or for gluing to glass.
  • 1 nylon thread (25m roll, ø 0.5mm), transparent, suspension load up to 2 kg, tear-resistant up to 10 kg.
  • 1 silver wire (40m spool, 0.4mm) with copper core, perfect for winding and decorating all kinds of craft items.
  • €29.95
    Picture of Rayher Deco metallmilk fluid  adhesive

    Rayher Deco metallmilk fluid adhesive

    RAY 2173000
    Picture of Rayher Decorative Feathers White

    Rayher Decorative Feathers White

    RAY 8510002
    Perfect for any craft project
    Picture of Rayher Elastic Thread Range

    Rayher Elastic Thread Range

  • Size: 0.2mm
  • 50 metres
  • €1.75
    Picture of Rayher Felting Tools w 3 needles

    Rayher Felting Tools w 3 needles

    RAY 53278000