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    Roland is a globally acclaimed brand that stands at the forefront of musical innovation. With a legacy spanning decades, Roland offers a diverse range of musical instruments and electronic music solutions. From synthesizers and digital pianos to electronic drums and recording equipment, Roland's products empower musicians, producers, and music enthusiasts to explore new dimensions of sound and creativity.

    With a commitment to excellence in sound technology, Roland has earned its reputation for producing instruments and equipment that deliver superior performance and durability. Join the world of Roland and experience the art of making music with cutting-edge technology and unwavering passion.

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    Picture of Roland Go Keys Music Creation Keyboard

    Roland Go Keys Music Creation Keyboard

    Jam Along with Your Favorite Online Music Streamed from Your Smartphone

    GO:KEYS is a fun, easy-to-use keyboard that lets you play along with your favorite music—streamed wirelessly through its powerful onboard speakers. Just connect your smartphone viaBluetooth®, pick a song, and play along! And with sound quality that beats most standaloneBluetoothspeakers, GO:KEYS is great for just listening to music too.

    GO:KEYS uses your smartphone to access free online musical content, so you’ll never run out of songs to play along with. You can also work with dedicated apps that teach you how to play the latest songs or classical pieces, or get vocal with some karaoke.

    And when you’re ready to start creating your own music, the built-in Loop Mix function lets you jam with over 500 pro-quality onboard sounds. Compact, portable, and battery-powered, GO:KEYS can be played wherever you get the urge. A world of music is waiting for you—start the journey with GO:KEYS!

  • Onboard high-quality Bluetooth speakers for wireless smartphone connection
  • Compact and lightweight for playing anywhere, at home or outdoors
  • Fully wireless operation with battery power andBluetoothconnectivity
  • Over 500 pro-quality sounds: pianos, synths, strings, bass, brass, and more
  • Loop Mix function lets you build songs by simply playing notes on the keyboard
  • Manipulate the sounds of your loops with intuitive one-touch control
  • Bluetooth MIDI support for music production apps on your smartphone or tablet
  • Built-in song recorder with USB backup
  • Play anytime with built-in speakers or headphones
  • €400.00
    Picture of Roland Midi Keyboard Controller A300 Pro

    Roland Midi Keyboard Controller A300 Pro

    ROLAND A300
    If you’re looking for keyboard controllers that you can use in the studio, on-stage, or anywhere you feel inspired, look no further than the A-300PRO. The A-300PRO has the features and feel you need to get the most out of your music performances and productions.

    Key Features of the Roland Midi Keyboard Controller A300 Pro
  • Velocity-sensitive 32 keys with channel aftertouch
  • Inspiring feel and response for serious players
  • 45 assignable controls: knobs, sliders, buttons, transport and more
  • 8 Dynamic Pads for finger drumming and MIDI triggering
  • Sure-grip Pitch Bend/Modulation Stick
  • Expand playability with sustain and expression pedals (available separately)
  • USB Bus Powered — no AC adaptor required (AC adaptor is an optional)
  • Durable Roland-quality manufacturing and craftsmanship
  • Works with any DAW on Mac or PC
  • €275.00
    Picture of Roland Digitial Piano RP701

    Roland Digitial Piano RP701

    ROLAND PR701
    If you’re looking at a piano to suit all needs, the Roland RP701 is the perfect package. Sound quality and keyboard feel are the two most important factors when learning to play, and this affordable digital instrument offers bright, rich tone courtesy of Roland’s Supernatural Piano technology, plus the highly playable PHA-4 Standard keyboard for the authentic feel of an acoustic piano.

    The RP701 is also designed to be so intuitive to use that even younger players can jump in right away. Easy-to-read icons and a clutter-free front panel ensure that the focus is on playing and enjoyment, not reading the owner’s manual. And with built-in Bluetooth connectivity for streaming music from your smartphone and accessing a world of apps, there’s always something new to try and keep everyone motivated. Fill the room with music via the powerful onboard speakers, sharpen your skills in private with immersive Headphones 3D Ambience, or simply appreciate the traditional look of a high-class piano that brings a note of sophistication to your home.

    Just like playing a traditional acoustic grand.
    If you’re used to playing your piano teacher’s acoustic, you’ll find the RP701 a smooth transition. This digital piano feels instantly familiar, not only capturing the sound of each note in minute detail, but also reflecting your touch and dynamics. The powerful onboard SuperNATURAL sound engine means you’ll hear all the subtle changes in tone and resonance, just as you would on an acoustic instrument. That lifelike tone is matched by the PHA-4 Standard keyboard, whose escapement and ivory-touch white keys feel just right, even down to the distinctive “click” when each one is played. Also included is a Progressive Damper Action pedal, so you can practice the same half-pedal techniques you’ve learned at music lessons.

    Easy to operate. Intuitive to play.
    The RP701’s simple controls and friendly icons make it easy for younger players to access all the basics on their own—without having to stand over them. From 300-plus onboard songs and a practice-friendly metronome to recording functions and app connectivity, it’s all right under the fingers. Sit down and enjoy rich, powerful sound from the twin speakers. Or when you want to focus on playing without distractions, simply slide the keyboard lid to hide the control panel, connect headphones, and lose yourself in Headphones 3D Ambience that surrounds you with warm, evocative piano sound.

    Fast-track learning with apps and Bluetooth.
    Great digital pianos include features that keep the whole family interested, so everyone’s more likely to keep playing. Using Bluetooth audio, you can connect to your tablet or smartphone, stream music through the RP701’s speakers or headphones, and then play along with your favorite artists. And with Bluetooth MIDI, it’s simple to explore online teaching platforms like Skoove and others. Or try the Roland Piano App, which offers musical exercises, recording and evaluation tools, and a One Week Master program to continually build your song repertoire.
    Picture of Roland Digital Piano RP107BKX

    Roland Digital Piano RP107BKX

    When budgeting for your initial piano purchase, prioritize genuine sound and playability. The RP107, an affordable option, excels in these areas with its renowned sound engine and keyboard action, features typically seen in premium Roland pianos. Its stylish yet smart design blends classic aesthetics with a compact size suitable for any room. Additionally, the RP107 includes onboard Bluetooth®, allowing you to augment musical experiences and speed up learning by connecting to mobile devices and the Roland Piano App.

    Get started the right way.
    For proper piano learning, it's crucial for students to have a strong foundation that promotes good techniques and prevents the formation of difficult-to-break bad habits. The RP107, backed by Roland's decades of development, provides unparalleled sound and expression compared to other pianos in its price range. Equipped with features from our top-tier home pianos, this high-quality instrument delivers steadfast performance that will support musical development for years to come.

    Class-leading sound and expression.
    Widely praised by teachers and professional musicians, our SuperNATURAL Piano engine uses advanced sampling and modeling technologies to capture the intricate details of an acoustic grand piano. The tone adapts fluidly based on touch and dynamics, motivating students to engage with the sound and enhance their abilities daily.

    Real acoustic feel.
    The RP107's keyboard and pedals perfectly replicate the genuine feel of an acoustic grand piano, linking the player intimately with the sound engine's expressive capabilities. Featuring the 88-note PHA-4 Standard keyboard, it offers an authentic weighted response, including the subtle click of the escapement mechanism and Ivory Feel material on the white keys. It comes equipped with sustain, soft, and sostenuto pedals, accommodating a range of sophisticated pedal techniques.

    Compact and attractive.
    The RP107 features classic styling, offering a timeless aesthetic that complements any interior design. Its compact cabinet occupies much less space than a traditional acoustic upright piano, allowing two individuals to easily relocate it as necessary. An elegant sliding lid shields the keyboard when it's not in use, while the integrated rest offers a handy place for sheet music and mobile devices. Additionally, its intuitively arranged controls allow players to easily navigate key piano functions without interruption.

    Modern connectivity.
    The RP107's integrated Bluetooth audio/MIDI connectivity simplifies the use of mobile devices to enrich the learning experience. You can stream music and educational materials through the piano’s speakers and play along, or utilize MIDI-compatible apps such as GarageBand to hone composition skills. Additionally, USB ports are provided for connections with computers and flash storage devices.

    Learn faster with the Roland Piano App.
    The Roland Piano App enhances the educational experience with the RP107. It enables remote control over sound selection, metronome settings, recording, and more. The app is filled with educational tools that foster progress, including an activity log with objectives, flash card games, rhythm training exercises, and a One Week Master program for quickly learning various piano pieces. It also includes scores for the RP107’s built-in song library and offers the option to expand this library through Roland Cloud.

    Additional benefits.
    The RP107 boasts a compact and portable design that provides several benefits over a traditional acoustic piano. It features onboard recording, allowing students to monitor their progress and share their music. The Twin Piano mode enables simultaneous playing with a friend, family member, or teacher. Volume adjustments are easily managed with the touch of a button, and dual headphone jacks permit two users to play together quietly, each controlling their own sound level. Additionally, the RP107 requires no tuning or regular maintenance, ensuring flawless sound daily.