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    Sakura IDenti-Pen Dual Point Range

    Manufacturer: Sakura Koi
    The Sakura IDenti-Pen Dual Point Range is a versatile and reliable set of markers designed for various creative and professional applications. With its dual-point feature, each marker offers two different tips - a fine tip and an extra fine tip, allowing for precise and detailed work. Whether you need to write, draw, or mark on various surfaces such as paper, metal, plastic, or fabric, the IDenti-Pen is up to the task.

    The markers are equipped with a quick-drying, waterproof, and fade-resistant ink formula, ensuring long-lasting and vibrant results. This makes them ideal for tasks that require durability and resistance to water or fading, such as labeling items, creating artwork, or personalizing belongings. The versatile ink formulation also enables the markers to be used on both light and dark surfaces.

    The Sakura IDenti-Pen Dual Point Range provides an excellent solution for artists, crafters, and professionals who require precision and reliability in their work. With its dual-point design, quality ink, and wide range of applications, these markers are a valuable addition to any creative toolbox.
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