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    Picture of Helix Self Adhesive Covering (33cm x 3m)

    Helix Self Adhesive Covering (33cm x 3m)

    HLX R94
    Helix Clearseal Self Adhesive Covering 300mm x 3m

    This Helix Clearseal sticky back plastic ideal for covering school books and also any notices or documents you need to protect. Easily repositioned and superior gloss and clarity
    Picture of Push Pin Assort Pack 20

    Push Pin Assort Pack 20

    Ideal for notice boards in the office, reception or even in the home, these push pins in assorted colours are a light and practical way of putting up posters and reminders. Made from solid plastic in blue, red and green, each pin has ridged ends to make them easy to handle and a sharp pin that slides easily into cork boards and walls.

    The different colours make it easy to create markers on maps and also brighten up your displays to ensure they look vibrant and clear.

    • Made from strong, long lasting plastic
    • Ideal for notice boards and posters
    • Sharp point that pushes easily into corkboards and soft walls
    • Ideal for the office or the home study or kitchen
    • Multi-coloured
    • 4.5mm plastic coloured head
    • Pack of 20
    Picture of Tipp Ex Pocket Mouse

    Tipp Ex Pocket Mouse

    TIP 8207901
    The Tipp-Ex Pocket Mouse is a compact and portable correction tool that fits comfortably in your hand. This innovative correction tape dispenser offers a simple and efficient way to fix mistakes on paper. With a sleek design, it easily glides across the page, covering errors smoothly and leaving a clean, white surface behind.
    Picture of Tipp Ex Rapid Fluid 20ml

    Tipp Ex Rapid Fluid 20ml

    TIP 8859922
    Tipp-Ex Rapid Correction Fluid Fast-Drying with Foam Applicator 20ml

    Ideal for all types of paper corrections. Fast drying correction fluid with a chisel-shaped foam tip for precision and quality.
    Picture of Tipp Ex Shake & Squeeze Pen 8ml

    Tipp Ex Shake & Squeeze Pen 8ml

    TIP 8022987
    The Tipp-Ex Shake & Squeeze Pen is a convenient and user-friendly correction tool designed to fix mistakes with ease. With an 8ml capacity, it offers a generous supply of correction fluid. Simply shake the pen to mix the fluid, then squeeze it gently to apply precise and smooth corrections to your documents.
    Picture of Wooden Ruler 30cm

    Wooden Ruler 30cm

    SUP WR-1184
    This 30cm wooden ruler is a classic measuring tool used in schools, offices, and homes. Made of durable and lightweight wood, it features both metric and imperial units of measurement, making it versatile for a variety of tasks.

    The ruler's smooth surface and straight edges ensure accurate measurements, while its traditional design and natural finish add a touch of timeless elegance to any workspace.

    Whether you need to measure length, width, or height, a 30cm wooden ruler is a reliable and essential tool that will last for years to come.
    Picture of Yellow Quick Notes 76x76mm

    Yellow Quick Notes 76x76mm

    Ideal for desktop use, this Quick Note Cube is designed for long lasting use, with 400 sheets per cube. The strong adhesive will adhere to most surfaces and removes cleanly, which is perfect for making notes or leaving messages and reminders. This pack contains 1 note cube measuring 76 x 76mm in yellow.

  • Size: 76 x 76mm
  • Adhere to most surfaces and remove cleanly
  • 400 sheets per cube
  • Colour: Yellow
  • €2.76
    Picture of Letter Tray Risers Set

    Letter Tray Risers Set

    ESS 15658
    Esselte Steel Letter Tray Risers Silver Set 4

  • Standard letter tray risers
  • Designed for Esselte Transit Letter trays
  • 60 to 95mm extra filing capacity of Esselte Transit Letter Trays
  • Material: Steel
  • Length: 74mm
  • Colour: Silver
  • Set of 4
  • Letter trays not included
  • €3.95
    Picture of Letter Tray Standard Charcoal

    Letter Tray Standard Charcoal

    ESS 15657
    Esselte Transit Letter Tray Plastic Charcoal. Particularly suited where functionality comes before any other consideration
    Risers not included (available separately, product code ESS 15658)

  • Open short side
  • Raised front of tray for easy access
  • Made from hard-wearing polystyrene
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 245 x 330 x 60mm
  • Colour: Charcoal
  • €8.50
    Picture of Magnets 25mm Assorted Pack of 10

    Magnets 25mm Assorted Pack of 10

    Circular display magnets for use on magnetic dry wipe boards

  • Size: 25mm
  • Colour: Assorted
  • Total 10 Pieces
  • €3.50
    Picture of Bulldog Grip Clip 75mm

    Bulldog Grip Clip 75mm

    Grip Clips provide a simple and effective way to secure loose papers for filing, storage and organisation. The strong metal construction is long lasting and suitable for heavy duty use.
    Picture of Drawing Pins - White Head (120 Pack)

    Drawing Pins - White Head (120 Pack)

  • Ideal for notices, posters, pictures and more
  • Durable plastic head
  • Colour: White
  • €1.10
    Picture of Foldback Grip Clip 32mm

    Foldback Grip Clip 32mm

    These foldback clips provide a great way to securely collate documents or loose sheets of paper. The metal arms of the clips can be folded flat for space saving storage. Each clip is made from high quality steel and have a capacity of 32mm.
    Picture of Foldback Grip Clip 51mm

    Foldback Grip Clip 51mm

    These foldback clips provide a great way to securely collate documents or loose sheets of paper. The metal arms of the clips can be folded flat for space saving storage. Each clip is made from high quality steel and have a capacity of 51mm.
    Picture of Paperclips 32mm (Box of 100)

    Paperclips 32mm (Box of 100)

    A simple way to collate papers, these quality 32mm Q-Connect Plain Paperclips are ideal for general office and home use. The strong, durable wire construction is designed for frequent and long lasting use.

    This bulk pack contains 100 paperclips.
    Picture of Rubber Bands (12mmx150mm) 500g

    Rubber Bands (12mmx150mm) 500g

    These Q-Connect Rubber Bands are manufactured using a high latex content for repeated use, time and again.

  • These No.64 rubber bands measure 152.4 x 12.7mm.
  • This large pack contains 500g of rubber bands.
  • €11.96
    Picture of Rubber Bands (3mmx76mm) 454g

    Rubber Bands (3mmx76mm) 454g

  • Made from natural rubber
  • Taken from sustainable resources
  • Size: 3.2x76.2mm
  • Band number: 32
  • All supplied in 454g boxes
  • €12.50
    Picture of Rubber Bands 100g

    Rubber Bands 100g

    PR 85069
    Natural elastic bands
    Size 34
    100g bag
    Picture of A4 Acetate (Pack of 100)

    A4 Acetate (Pack of 100)

    Transparent Film suitable all lazer printer, copiers and OHP markers. Suitable for both black/white and colour printer.
  • Pack: 100 Sheets
  • Size: A4 210x297mm
  • €16.95
    Picture of Brown Envelopes C4 Pack of 250

    Brown Envelopes C4 Pack of 250

    Ideal for everyday use, these Q-Connect pocket envelopes are made from quality 90gsm paper and feature an easy to use, secure self-seal flap. Suitable for sending A4 documents, these envelopes are made from 85% recycled manilla. This pack contains 250 manilla envelopes.

  • Plain pocket envelopes
  • Quality 90gsm paper
  • Self seal closure
  • Size: C4 (324 x 229mm)
  • Colour: Manilla
  • Pack of 250
  • €42.95