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    Show Me A4 Grid/Plain Board (Classpack of 35 Sets)

    Manufacturer: Show Me
    Calculate, graph, chart, create tables, plan experiments and more in Maths, Science and Geography with these genuine Show-me quality drywipe boards. Each A4, double-sided drywipe board features a grid pattern that mimics students' maths workbooks on one side, and a plain reverse.

    Virtually indestructible mini drywipe A4 sized boards for individual pupil use. Plain on one side and gridded (20mm squares) on the other. Ideal for graphs, charts, shapes and flow diagrams

    Each Classpack contains the following;
  • 35 x A4 Double sided Show-me Boards, one side gridded, one side plain
  • 35 x Slim Barrel Drywipe Pens designed for children
  • 35 x Mini Foam Erasers made for small hands
  • 1 x Free Teachers' Resources Booklet full of ideas
  • 1 x Free 100ml Bottle of Show-me Magix Cleaner and Conditioner
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