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    Sphero Bolt

    With a striking LED matrix and advanced sensors, the Sphero BOLT app-enabled robot provides endless opportunities to be creative and have fun while learning.

    Sphero BOLT’s eye-catching, programmable 8 x 8 light matrix opens up an endless array of coding and gaming capabilities. Use advanced sensors to track speed, acceleration, and direction, or drive BOLT without having to aim your robot thanks to the compass. BOLT also features infrared communication, allowing your robot to “talk” with other BOLTs. Equipped with Bluetooth SMART and a strong scratch-resistant shell, this robot’s brawn matches its brilliance.

  • Advanced Sensors: Keep tabs on BOLT’s speed and direction with built-in sensors for programming.
  • LED Matrix: Sphero BOLT was built to shine with 8x8 LED Matrix that animates and displays real-time data.
  • Infrared Communication: BOLT to BOLT communication enables new games and advanced coding tactics.

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    ElecFreaks Experiment box for Micro:bit (no microbit included)

    Experiment microbit box Kit is a multifunction micro box experiment equipment that is based on professional experimental equipment and the actual physics learning situation. You will learn how to use the science lab kits to programmatically control physical circuits.
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    Micro:bit V2 Club Class Set of 10

    MIC 495
    Perfect for sharing the micro:bit with friends, the micro:bit club is a 10 pack containing all the pieces needed to enjoy micro:bit in STEM groups, coding clubs, school classes, scouts, guides and cubs or any other social gathering (contains 10 BBC micro:bits V2, 10x USB cables, 10 x battery holders ; 20x AAA batteries).

    The micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that you can code, customise and control to bring your digital ideas, games and apps to life. Measuring 4cm by 5cm, and designed to be fun and easy to use, users can create anything from games and animations to scrolling stories at school, at home and on the go - all you need is imagination and creativity.

    The micro:bit is completely programmable. That means each of its LEDs can be individually programmed as can its buttons, inputs and outputs, accelerometer, magnetometer and Bluetooth Smart Technology. The micro:bit has a website full of coding languages, lesson plans, tutorials, and fun ideas to help you get creative
    Picture of Dobot AI Teaching Kit for Magician Lite

    Dobot AI Teaching Kit for Magician Lite

    The Dobot AI Teaching Kit is a fun and creative way for educators and students to learn the basics of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

    The kit is for use with the Magician Lite robotic arm, and contains a wealth of accessories, such as goods boxes, goods models, garbage cards, shelf, and map. Inspired by AI smart life, this kit showcases experimental cases such as automated goods entering warehouse, automated restocking in warehouses, smart shopping assistant and garbage classification.

    In the process of completing these experiments, students can learn about OCR text recognition, image recognition, voice recognition, face recognition, among other technologies, obtaining a basic understanding of artificial intelligence and its application in real life and work while exploring more ideas.

    The kit contains various materials to construct mockups of real-life situations, including: Drink models, Fruit models , Vegetable models, Goods boxes, Waste bins, Shelf, Cards, Construction map etc..

  • Ideal for use with Dobot Magician Lite
  • Learn through Play
  • Teach Robots to "See" & "Understand"
  • Image and speech recognition

  • Note: This kit is only compatible with Dobot Magician Lite 

    Picture of Dobot Magician Lite

    Dobot Magician Lite

    The DOBOT Magician Lite is a multifunctional lightweight intelligent robotic arm, and is one of the core products in DOBOT’s K12 customized artificial intelligence education ecosystem.

    Magician Lite has various software/hardware interaction methods and expansion interfaces so that students’ freedom to create is maximised. It is through using the Magician Lite that students can learn more about robotics and how artificial intelligence and mechanics work.

    The robot arm is light and compact, weighing just 2.4kg, making it portable enough to design more applications. For application planning the repeatability is 0.2mm, payload 0.25kg, and radius range 340mm. The arm supports a soft gripper, suction cup, pen grasper and other changeable end tools. There is a collision detection function, making it safe for children to be around.

    The Magician Lite is controlled by an external controller, the "Magic Box". This controller separates motion control algorithm and user tasks to allow more convenience for programming and creating. The robot supports Bluetooth and Bluetooth connection. 12x Expansion interfaces ensure maximum openness and compatibility. With the new DobotBlock software platform, students can program, create games and animations by simply dragging and dropping coding blocks together, in order to control the robot's every move and learn how AI works while exploring technology and having fun.

    Magician Lite comes with a complete curriculum system that is divided into three stages from beginner-level to advanced learner-level. The curriculum offers a variety of teaching demos that focus on experiential, project-based and exploratory-based learning. By participating in DOBOT robotic competitions, students not only put their knowledge to test, but also get to perfect their comprehensive ability, engineering ability and innovation ability.

    Magician Lite offers project-based teaching demos that are interactive, practical and interest-oriented,aiming to foster children’s logical thinking, hands-on skills and creativity. Built to be open and widely compatible, Magician Lite can power legions of miniature immersive application scenarios, which not only help students better understand how AI and robots work in real settings, but also turn them into real-world problem solvers

  • Excellent performance
  • Safe to use
  • Magic Box controller for unlimited capabilities
  • Graphical programming software
  • All-age project-based teaching

  • €1295.01