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    Spotlight on Suffixes Books One and Two

    The Spotlight Series is a complete set of worksheets and activities to improve spelling skills, reading accuracy, grammar and phonological awareness.

    The 75 worksheets in Spotlight on Suffixes - Book One introduce the most common suffixes in English in a systematic manner, focusing on both the grammatical function of the suffx and the spelling rules concerning the joining of the suffixes to base words. Suffixes which can be pronounced differently according to context such at the '-ed' past tense verb ending are highlighted for special practice.

    Spotlight on Suffixes - Book Two, with over 80 worksheets, extends the work in Book One on common suffixes and suffixig rules. The book is in two parts, Part 1 dealing with basic suffix recognition and also giving sytematic coverage of the spelling rules by which suffixes are joined to base words. This Part provides extensive practice of the 'double', 'drop-e' and 'change y to i' rules. Part 2 focuses on individual verb, noun and adjective suffixes such as '-ate', '-ify', '-ity', '-ment', '-ous', '-ible', and others.
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