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    Unveiling the STEAM Odyssey: Embark on a Journey of Innovation with Our 2023/2024 Introduction Brochure!

    18 Aug 2023

    Welcome to an exciting new academic year filled with boundless opportunities for learning and exploration!

    Our STEAM Introduction Brochure for the 2023/2024 school term is here, and it's packed with innovative tools and resources that are sure to spark creativity and innovation in your classroom.

    From coding and robotics to interactive displays and assistive technology, these products are designed to elevate the learning experience and inspire students to reach new heights of achievement. 


    Featuring an impressive lineup, some of the items included are:

    Micro:bits and Micro:bit Kits: Dive into the world of coding and electronics with Micro:bits. These small programmable devices empower students to bring their digital creations to life, fostering a hands-on understanding of technology.

    3D Printers: Unleash the power of 3D printing in your STEAM curriculum with the Flashforge Adventure. Transform digital designs into tangible objects, encouraging students to think critically and solve problems in three dimensions.

    Clevertouch Interactive Displays: Make learning truly engaging with Clevertouch interactive displays. These state-of-the-art tools promote collaborative learning, enabling students to actively participate in lessons through touch, pen, and more.

    Cricut Creative Studio: Fuel artistic expression with Cricut's cutting-edge technology. From intricate designs to personalized projects, Cricut opens doors to a world of innovative crafting and design possibilities.

    Vex Robotics: Ignite a passion for engineering and robotics with Vex Robotics kits. Students can build, program, and compete with their own robotic creations, enhancing their teamwork and problem-solving skills along the way.

    Art & Craft and Construction Supplies: Nurture students' creative instincts with a wide range of art and craft supplies. From painting to sculpture, these materials encourage students to explore their artistic talents and turn their ideas into reality.

    Assistive Technology: Empower all students to succeed with assistive technology like C Pens and text aid software. These tools provide valuable support for students with different learning needs, ensuring inclusivity in the classroom.

    Educational Visual Aids: Enhance understanding and retention of complex concepts with wallcharts and whiteboards. These visual aids serve as effective tools for interactive learning, making lessons more captivating and memorable.

    Headphones and Visualizers: Create an optimal learning environment with headphones and visualizers. Headphones help students concentrate, while visualizers allow for detailed examination of objects and documents, bringing lessons to life in a clear and engaging manner.

    and much much more....

    As we embark on this educational journey, let's embrace the potential of STEAM education to inspire, innovate, and shape the minds of our future leaders.

    The 2023/2024 STEAM Introduction Brochure is your gateway to a world of creativity, exploration, and endless possibilities. Let's make this academic year one to remember!


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