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    Strawbees STEAM School Kit

    Manufacturer: Strawbees
    The Strawbees STEAM School Kit stands as their most extensive construction set, offering an impressive arsenal of over 4,000 pieces—enough to engage an entire classroom of students. With this kit, students can embark on diverse creative journeys, constructing sprawling cityscapes, thrilling rollercoaster tracks, towering pyramid structures that dwarf them in size, and even designing intricate moving mechanical arms and claws. It's the perfect catalyst for nurturing creative thinking and empowering students to transform their wildest ideas into reality. For added versatility, these pieces seamlessly integrate with other Strawbees kits, expanding the realm of possibilities.

    Recommended for students aged 6 years and above, the Strawbees STEAM School Kit boasts several key features:
  • Storage Solution: The meticulously organized trays, categorized by piece and color, facilitate effortless material management during lessons or workshops.
  • Unlimited Building Potential: With this abundant assortment of materials, students can construct structures of any scale or dimension. Remarkably, these components remain lightweight, allowing even young learners to elevate their creations above their heads.
  • Color-Coded Pieces of Varied Lengths: Featuring four types of connectors and five distinct straw lengths, all color-coded for easy identification, the kit simplifies activity instructions and fosters intuitive creativity.

  • Inside this comprehensive kit, you'll find:
  • 1,024 1-leg Blue Connectors
  • 512 2-leg Yellow Connectors
  • 512 3-leg Green Connectors
  • 256 5-leg Red Connectors
  • 512 240-mm Blue Building Straws
  • 360 205-mm Green Building Straws
  • 512 112-mm Pink Building Straws
  • 256 80-mm Orange Building Straws
  • 256 48-mm Yellow Building Straws
  • Pocketful of Ideas Card Deck
  • 2 Posters
  • Free access to lesson plans via the Strawbees Learning platform

  • Unleash boundless creativity and hands-on learning experiences with the Strawbees STEAM School Kit—a remarkable resource for educators and students alike.
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