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    Address Labels 250 Roll 90x38mm

    These high-quality, self-adhesive labels offer convenient and efficient organization for all your mailing needs. With a generous roll size of 250 labels and a compact dimension of 90x38mm, they provide ample space and easy readability for clear addressing.
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    Picture of Koh Vinyl Eraser Small

    Koh Vinyl Eraser Small

    A compact eraser that swiftly and cleanly removes graphite and charcoal marks with ease.
    Picture of Compass Leads HB Pack of 10

    Compass Leads HB Pack of 10

    10 Compass leads HB in a plastic tub

    Set of compass leads with a diameter of 2 mm and length of 19 mm, oblique. Leads are suitable for both school and technical compasses. They are produced in medium hardness degree.
    Picture of Staedtler Watercolour Pencils plus Brush 12's

    Staedtler Watercolour Pencils plus Brush 12's

    ST 144 10 NC12
    This is a pack of 12 Staedtler Watercolour Pencils in assorted colours, for colouring drawing, and creating beautiful watercolour paintings. These watercolour pencils are very versatile. They have water-soluble lead, so can be used dry as ordinary colour pencils, or you can brush on a little water to create different shades and a fluid watercolour effect.

  • Feature an innovative white A.B.S (Anti Break System) coating that protects the soft lead, making them up to 50% stronger and increasing break-resistance by 30%.
  • The classic hexagonal shape prevents the pencils from rolling off tables and other surfaces, while they are lacquered in lead colour for easier identification of colours.
  • They are easy to sharpen with any quality sharpener and all conform to EN 71 series (Safety of Toys standards), ensuring peace of mind when used by kids.
  • The pack includes 12 vibrant colours
  • This pack of 12 colouring pencils is ideal for new and more experienced artists, art students, and for school, college, and home hobbies and activities.
  • €4.26
    Picture of SG A2 Drawing Board with Tilt and T-Square Holder

    SG A2 Drawing Board with Tilt and T-Square Holder

    The SG Drawing Board A2 with Tilt is a high-quality drawing board designed for architects, artists and designers who require a stable and adjustable surface for their work. The board is made of durable materials that can withstand heavy use and provides a smooth, flat surface for drawing or drafting. Its A2 size is perfect for medium-sized projects and can accommodate a range of paper sizes.

    One of the key features of the SG Drawing Board is its tilt mechanism, which allows users to adjust the angle of the drawing surface to their preferred working position. This is particularly useful for artists who work on detailed drawings or designs, as it can help to reduce strain on the neck and back.

    Additionally, it includes a dedicated T-square holder, ensuring that the T-square is securely held in place, ready to assist with accurate measurements and straight lines. This combination of features makes the A2 drawing board with tilt and T-square holder an indispensable companion for anyone engaged in artistic or technical drawing tasks.
    *T-Square not included