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    Superheroes to Cities of the Future!

    18 Apr 2023

    Maker's Red Box

    Maker's Red Box believe that maker pedagogy has the power to transform education and bridge the gap between education and the labour market.  They are places where children gain relevant skills and find their strengths. Since then they have grown to a team of 16 engineers, teachers, maker educators, gamification experts, and innovators; all devoted to the mission of bringing maker education to as many kids as possible.

    Creative problem-solving and the ability to work in teams are the most in-demand skills right now. Technology offers plenty of opportunities to get better at both and Maker's Red Box products 

    • Consist of 16 two-hour long sessions

    • Incorporate story-based teaching

    • Are accessible for kids with all kinds of backgrounds

    • Develop essential soft and technical skills

    • Let students work on real-world problems

    • Provide motivation for career orientation

    • Are mapped to the Next Generation Science Standards and is currently in use in the mary Immaculate Makerspace in the Newman building

    • SG Comment: Maker Red Box products bring all your physical equipment together using a curriculum programme that can run over a period of weeks. The perfect product for STEM Outreach co ordinators 

    Contact our sales team at SG Education for further details.

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