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    TextAid by ReadSpeaker Educational Range

    At least 10% of children do not reach their full potential because they have difficulties with reading due to a SpLD, ADHD or reading in their non-native language. TextAid removes this barrier to learning by reading any text aloud. ReadSpeaker are world leaders in computer voice technology and the natural sounding voice will read back any text including worksheets, exam papers, pages of a book and websites. ReadSpeaker TextAid is browser based which means you don't need to download it onto specific devices. Students can use it in the classroom, at home and on their phone or tablet and all their work is saved into their online library. TextAid now reads in Irish also.

    As well as text-to-speech there are other tools too including a screen ruler, text mode to make text easier to read, translation, word prediction, download as audio and a highlighter tool which extracts key information.

    It allows students to work independently and improve comprehension. Students simply click play to listen to any text, reducing the need to rely on adult support. TextAid will read any document, even websites and text in a picture. Students can concentrate on the content rather than decoding individual words


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    Access at home and school on any device

    Access at home and school on any device, since TextAid is browser based which means that students can access all the tools on a Windows computer, MacBook, Chromebook, iPad, tablet or even a phone. If fact, any device which has a browser. This is perfect for working at school as well as home learning.


    Make any document more reader friendly

    Make any document more reader friendly with the Text Mode option, this changes the way a document looks so it's easier to read or follow as it's being read aloud. Choose from a range of background and text colours, font styles and sizes and spacing


    Increase confidence and motivation

    TextAid helps increase confidence and motivation. Teachers can share documents with students and the Annotations button allows you to type and draw directly onto the document and all work is saved automatically. There's also help with writing by using word prediction, spell checker, word look up and echoing back text. Because it is so easy to use, this increases confidence and motivation.


    Use during exams 

    TextAid complies with reasonable adjustments and access arrangements. It can be used during exams to have questions read aloud. Answers can be typed directly onto the exam paper. This gives students independence and reduces staffing costs.


    Support in MFL lessons

    Offers support in MFL lessons, TextAid can read text in many languages and translates too. This helps all students learn how to pronounce and read MFL as well as supporting EAL students. There are 24 languages available including Welsh, Spanish, French and German.


    Increase self-confidence and work more efficiently 

    TextAid increases self-confidence and allows students and teachers to work more efficiently. Being able to have your work proofread reassures you that what is written is what you intended to write and minimises errors.


    Accessible website for all 

    Accessible website for all. A site license includes ReadSpeaker's website reader. Anyone visiting your school website can listen to the text, change the way it looks and translate so they can find all the information they need.