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    Thinklaser Laser 60watt 3040 60

    Manufacturer: Thinklaser
    The main focus at Thinklaser is quality and reliability. The Thinklaser Lightblade Laser 60watt 3040 60 is a powerful and efficient laser engraving and cutting machine. With a 60-watt laser tube, it can engrave and cut a variety of materials, such as wood, leather, acrylic, and glass. The 3040 60 model has a work area of 300mm x 400mm, making it suitable for small to medium-sized projects.

    The Lightblade Laser is equipped with a user-friendly control panel and software, allowing for easy operation and customization of settings. The machine also features a red-dot pointer for easy and precise positioning of the material. Overall, the Thinklaser Lightblade Laser 60watt 3040 60 is a versatile and reliable tool for a range of laser cutting and engraving applications.

    The Lightblade package has been designed to offer maximum flexibility and performance from day one, with minimum hassle and no nasty surprises. Our standard package includes everything you need to start laser cutting:
  • Closed loop water chiller
  • Has a cutting table of 400 x 300mm
  • Air pump
  • Three lens’ for dedicated engraving or thick material processing
  • Tube replacement if the tube fails inside the warranty period
  • Level 1 spare parts kit
  • Comprehensive optics cleaning kit
  • Installation and training available

  • The Lightblade range is great for cutting woods, plastics, rubbers, leathers and foams. Just be careful to avoid any Chloride based materials such as PVC. The CO2 Lightblade range can engrave the same materials as it can cut (woods, leathers, plastics, rubbers and foams) the system can also engrave slate and glass. The Lightblade dual source machines allow users to engrave a wide range of metals as well such as stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, brass, copper and titanium.

    The Lightblade is supplied with RDworks as standard, Thinklaser can offer an upgrade to Lightburn if you are using a Mac. All Lightblade’s are fully Class 1 compliant meaning that they are fit for classroom, office and production environments. The cutting bed is interlocked, meaning that the laser power is disconnected the second any doors open during operation. Please ensure 1410x710x1120mm clearance area is left for this machine
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