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    Trail Blazers Set 3 & 4

    Get the facts and read a story all in one book! A fascinating fact-finding section is followed by a story which appears on two parallel ability levels – allowing access for the poorest of readers.

    Featuring full-colour images, beautiful illustrations and lively, engaging layouts, the books cover high appeal topics that kids just love to read about. The books combine fact and fiction, starting with a fascinating fact-finding section followed by a beautifully illustrated story on the topic. Interest Age 8 – 14 years | Reading Age 6 – 7 years. From Vampires, Dinosaurs and Formula One to Fashion and Body Art, the Trailblazers series is bound to offer a topic that will engage and motivate even the most reluctant and struggling of readers.

    The Trailblazers books kick off with a fascinating fact finding section, making use of simple non-fiction conventions. The text is broken up into lots of manageable sections, often in the form of bullet points or captions. The pages feature lots of full colour photographs to illustrate the points being made in the text. These colourful and eye-catching layouts vary from page to page so that readers with low attention spans will be constantly engaged with new information, formats and colours. The second half of each book is devoted to a topic-related story. For boys that often prefer non-fiction, the Trailblazers format is designed to encourgage them to read fiction. The fiction story caters for two parallel ability levels. A simple text appears opposite a beautifully illustrated full colour ‘speech bubble’ version allowing access for the poorest readers and making it ideal for buddy reading sessions.

    The series will appeal to older children, either with a low level of literacy or who are learning English as a second language. The vocabulary is carefully controlled, with simple sentences and the use of repetition to reinforce reading skills.
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    This set includes:

    Great Journeys : Find out about the greatest journeys ever! Modern human's first great journey took more than fifty thousand years to complete. What was it? Who discovered America? Who was first to reach the South Pole? Who was first to land on the Moon? Get the facts. Then read 'The Big Sleep' – a story about a man who takes a fifty year journey to the stars. What does he find there when he arrives?

    Mummies : What is a mummy? Where do they come from? Where can you see them? Is there really a mummy's curse? Get the facts. Then read a scary story all about the mummy that came back to life: 'The Walking Horror'.

    Sharks : Which type of shark do you most NOT want to meet in the water? But if you are attacked – where's the best place to poke a shark? Great White Sharks, Bull Sharks, even Whales Sharks – it's all in here. Get the facts. Then read the adventure story 'Swimming with Sharks'. Learn the big lesson of the day: don't bleed when there are sharks around.

    Plagues : What was the Black Death? How many people did it kill? And how did it kill them? Find out about plagues we have now. What causes them? What can we do about it? Get the facts. Then read 'The Lost Village' – a story about plagues and people. After a thousand years, who's the winner?

    Body Art : Tattoos, body piercing, jewellery and face painting. People have been decorating their bodies for thousands of years. Who thought that flat heads were the latest in fashion? Who had a 4,000 year-old tattoo? Now you can find out. Get the facts. Then read 'Death by Arsenic', a story about what happens when you start to believe the adverts.

    Lost Animals : This book is about animals that have disappeared – animals that are now extinct. How does it happen, and why? Find out all about alien species and mass extinctions. Find out about animals that seemed to come back from the dead. And which animal went extinct when a tree fell on the very last one in the whole world? Get the facts. Then read 'The Last Mammoth', a story about where the past meets the present.