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    Picture of Bingo Bus Trigonometry

    Bingo Bus Trigonometry

    Get on Board the Bingo Bus™! The well-loved game of BINGO is transformed into fun topics for Math. Each set includes 30 Bingo cards and markers.
    Picture of Clever Catch Trigonometry

    Clever Catch Trigonometry

    Trigonometry Clever Catch®Trigonometry is a subject that all students need extra review with.

    Sides and angles of planes or spherical triangles and the calculations based on them, are covered in the questions.

    Toss it around the room and see what happens! All answers are provided on the enclosed answer sheet.
    Picture of Helix Metal Compass with Pencil

    Helix Metal Compass with Pencil

    HLX G05030
    Traditional die cast metal model featuring a shortened safety point, self-centering mechanism and cam lock pencil-retaining ring.

    Comes with pencil.

    Picture of Helix Protractor 180° 10cm 4" Blue

    Helix Protractor 180° 10cm 4" Blue

    HLX H01040
    Helix (10cm) Protractor.
    Picture of Helix Protractor 180° 10cm 4" Clear

    Helix Protractor 180° 10cm 4" Clear

    HLX H02040
    Helix Protractor
    Clear Protractor measuring  4 inches
    Picture of Helix Protractor 360° 10cm 4" Angle Measure

    Helix Protractor 360° 10cm 4" Angle Measure

    HLX L10010 S

    10cm / 360 degree Angle Measure Protractor
        Clear material for clarity with easy to read 2 colour print
        Colour reverse scale for ease of use
        Unique rotating device to provide extra help when measuring angles

    Picture of Invicta Clinometer

    Invicta Clinometer

    INV 50659
    A compact Clinometer with no external moving parts and a combined sighting angle-reading eyepiece.
    A viewing window on the side of the Clinometer allows a second person to check a reading.
    All angles in degrees followed by a plus or minus to indicate an upward or downward slope.
    Complete with product guide.
    Picture of Invicta Theodolite

    Invicta Theodolite

    INV 129200
    Manufactured in robust materials to withstand outdoor use. Strong adjustable legs are telescopic for easy storage. The level indicator ensures accurate set-up. Both the horizontal and vertical scales move and measure to an accuracy of 0.5 degrees. Complete with product guide. Maximum assembled height: 83cm
    Picture of Koh Circular Protractor 360°

    Koh Circular Protractor 360°

    KOH 746218
    Koh-I-Noor Circular Protractor 360°
    Picture of M+R Set Square  Geometrie-Dreieck

    M+R Set Square Geometrie-Dreieck

    MOR 2317
    M+R Set Square Geometrie-Dreieck code 2317 Set Square - two way scale, red backed, clear polystyrene.
    Picture of Metric Callipers Invicta

    Metric Callipers Invicta

    INV 139759
    Measures most shapes from 1mm to 30cm by simply reading measurements through a single viewing window. Designed for calculating areas and volumes. Able to measure depth, width and diameter.
    Picture of SG Compass Plastic with Pencil

    SG Compass Plastic with Pencil

    SG 1612
    Highly Robust Plastic Compass with pencil. Made specifically for SG Education, unlike many plastic compasses this compass is strong and guaranteed to please.
    Picture of Trigonometric Function Model

    Trigonometric Function Model

    GH WM01
    Trigonometric Function Model

    An optical dynamic presentation of the relation trig. Functions of sin, cos, tan, cot corresponding with std-circle(R=1)
    Picture of Vernier Metal  Calipers

    Vernier Metal Calipers

    TSM 675037
    High carbon steel vernier caliper. resolution 0 - 150 x 0.02mm. 4-function measurement: internal, external, depth and step. Storage case.
    Picture of Invicta Isotiles

    Invicta Isotiles

    An innovative maths resource designed by Maths experts for teachers, with a comprehensive CD-rom that explores the 'Golden Ratio'.

    The Classroom Pack includes 10 Individual plastic containers each with 20 ISOTILES®, 10 of each shape plus 1 CD-ROM Workbook.

  • 65 pages of Teachers notes and student exercises
  • Tiles are approx. 50mm and 80mm long, 3mm thick
  • Both shapes in two contrasting colours
  • Help understand shape and geometry
  • Demonstrates tessellations, reflective and rotational symmetry
  • Suitable for Special Needs teaching
  • €49.95
    Picture of Helix Oxford Maths Set

    Helix Oxford Maths Set

    HLX B43000
    Classic Oxford set of mathematical instruments

  • 15cm/6" Ruler
  • 180° Protractor
  • 9cm Pencil with Sharpener and Block Eraser
  • 45° and 60° set squares for accurate drawing
  • Self-centering metal compass for drawing arcs and circles
  • 10mm stencil with upper/lowercase letters, numbers 0-9
  • €2.95
    Picture of Helix 15cm/360° Protractor

    Helix 15cm/360° Protractor

    HLX L09
    The Helix Protractor is the must-have for mathematicians and students. The Oxford range is high-quality and strong, with a beautifully-clear backing and interchangeable degree measurements on either side.

  • 360°
  • Measures 15 cm (approximately 6")
  • Clear plastic for precision
  • €2.00