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    Vevor Desk Clamp Magnifying Lamp

    This magnifying glass with light features 5 levels of color temperature and 5 levels of adjustable brightness, enabling you to adjust color temperature and brightness according to different scenes and needs, optimizing effects for reading, studying, working, and illumination.

    The magnifying lamp features a 5x magnification glass lens, providing a better observation and operation experience. Compared to regular plastic lenses, glass lenses provide higher transparency and are less prone to deformation or discoloration, with a longer lifespan.

    With the freedom to adjust the extended arm, the magnifying light adapts to various usage scenarios such as work, study, and reading, enabling the lamp's light to be closer to objects, reducing eye fatigue and providing a more comfortable lamp experience.

  • Smart Head Touch Control: Say goodbye to fumbling around with switches! Our magnifying glass with light features the latest head touch control technology, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the light's color temperature and brightness with just a gentle tap. No more hassle of searching for the switch behind your desk - it's all at your fingertips!
  • Customizable 5-Level Dimming: Illuminate your way with 5 color temperatures and 5 brightness levels, perfect for any situation. Whether you need a bright, daylight-like glow for work or a cozy, warm light for reading, our magnifying light has got you covered, providing the perfect ambiance for every occasion.
  • Crystal-Clear Glass Lens: Zoom in on the details with our top-quality 5x magnifying glass lens. See intricate craftsmanship or small fonts with enhanced clarity, making your work more efficient and enjoyable. Unlike ordinary plastic lenses, our premium glass lens stays crystal-clear and durable for extended use.
  • Secure Non-Slip Clamp: Keep things steady and stay in control! Our magnifying lamp's non-slip clamp ensures it stays firmly in place during use, providing enhanced security and peace of mind. Its widened design allows for use on broader desktops, creating an ideal setup for your work, study, reading, or relaxation.
  • Eye-Friendly Illumination: Experience the joy of eye-friendly lighting! Our integrated LED ring emits a soft, even glow that's without flicker, glare, harmful blue light. No more eye strain - just a comfortable and enjoyable visual experience, allowing you to focus on the fine details and vibrant colors.
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