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    VEX GO Classroom Kit

    Manufacturer: VEX Robotics
    VEX GO provides an affordable, easy-to-handle construction system that can be used to introduce the fundamentals of STEM learning to young students through engaging, interactive activities. Suitable for KS2 children aged 7-8 and over, VEX's VEX GO kits help young minds perceive science principles, coding and engineering in a fun way, containing everything educators need to get started. The VEX GO Classroom bundles are the perfect solution for individual STEM classrooms, containing all the materials needed to get young children creating and learning, including the parts, motors and electronics needed to bring STEM principles to life. The plastic pieces make VEX GO's STEM kits easily approachable for young hands, allowing students to explore their creativity with ease as they learn.

    The GO Classroom bundle kit comes in pre-organised colour-coded storage boxes, which can then be stored in convenient carry cases between lessons. This makes it easy to not only keep the kit's contents together, but also allows the kits to be easily transferred between different classrooms and lessons.

    As well as introducing children to the basic elements of mechanics and engineering, VEX GO can be used alongside VEXcode to introduce students to coding and programming. VEXcode is a scalable program that can be used across all school years to introduce and teach coding and programming skills to students. VEXcode introduces programming through a drag-and-drop block-based interface that allows new programmers to focus on function and creativity, assembling functions to build their desired program with ease.

    Once students are comfortable with block-based coding and are ready to graduate to text-based coding, VEXcode's built-in tools allow them to convert their blocks into text, giving a real-time insight into the C++ or Python code behind each function. VEXcode is available for iPads, Android Tablets, Chromebooks, and Mac & Windows Chrome-based browsers, ensuring the software is accessible and easy to operate.
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