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    VEX IQ 2023-2024 Full Volume Full Game & Field Element Kit

    Manufacturer: VEX Robotics
    This kit contains all the Field & Game Elements required for the 2023 - 2024 VEX IQ Robotics Competition Game, Full Volume.

    Note: VEX IQ Challenge Field Perimeter & Tiles are not included with this Kit. Must be added separately.
    SKU: VEX 2288360
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    - More than 8500 teams from 45 countries playing in over 900 tournaments
    Local, regional, national, and world competitions
    Teamwork Challenge: Two teams working together to maximise their score
    Robot Skills Challenge: One robot playing alone against the clock
    Online Challenges: STEM Research Project, photography, CAD and more

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    The Pin Tool has two other useful features on its handles. One side can be used to pry two beams apart, while the other can be used to push out pins (such as a 0x2 capped connector) that the tool would normally not be able to grab.
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