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    Picture of Anxiety Wallchart

    Anxiety Wallchart

    WC MEH001
    The informative resource details the different ways anxiety and panic can present themselves to help students identify when they may be experiencing anxiety. The poster also provides a variety of coping strategies and grounding techniques that students can use to cope with anxiety.
    A1 Size
    Picture of Depression Wallchart

    Depression Wallchart

    WC MEH002
    Our Depression poster is part of our new Mental Health range and has been designed to help students better understand their mental health. Using appropriate language, this poster is a useful resource that gives students an overview of depression to help them consider whether they may be depressed and need support. The signs and symptoms of depression are clearly presented alongside ways students can manage their depression through professional help and self-care strategies.
    Picture of Learn to Love Yourself Wallchart

    Learn to Love Yourself Wallchart

    WC MEH005
    The Learn to Love Yourself poster encourages students to treat themselves with kindness and compassion while practicing self-love to boost their confidence, self-worth and overall wellbeing. Our colourful poster is the perfect way to introduce your students to positive self-talk and change the way they perceive themselves.
    A1 size
    Picture of Loneliness  Wallchart

    Loneliness Wallchart

    WC MEH004
    This colourful poster helps teach students about the negative effects of social media and how to combat persistent feelings of loneliness to break the cycle between students feeling lonely and developing poor mental health.
    A1 Size
    Picture of Mental Health Support Wallchart (UK Version)

    Mental Health Support Wallchart (UK Version)

    WC MEH007
    Please note this UK version includes links and resources to UK Charity &Support groups for mental health
    Mental health support poster that directs students to helpful UK sources to get support and guidance from mental health professionals and charities.
    A1 Size
    Picture of Sleep Hygiene Wallchart

    Sleep Hygiene Wallchart

    WC MEH006
    This poster is a great guide to encourage good sleep hygiene among students. The poster details the causes and effects of sleep deprivation, as well as the Dos and Doníts behind getting a good nights sleep.
    A1 Size
    Picture of Healthy Habits Wallchart

    Healthy Habits Wallchart

    WC MEH003
    Using eye catching colours and succinct text, the poster highlights the link between physical and mental health, evidence-based methods to improve wellbeing and the characteristics of healthy relationships.
    A1 size