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    Picture of Derwent Waterbrush  Med

    Derwent Waterbrush Med

    DER 2301760
    Derwent Waterbrush Easy to control water flow with a non drip valve, this brush isportable, leak proof and easy to clean. Paint outdoors with no water pot, no spills with this portable, refillable brush.
    Picture of GOLDEN Absorbent Ground 237ml

    GOLDEN Absorbent Ground 237ml

    GOLD G3555-5
    GOLDEN Absorbent Ground 237ml Golden Absorbent Ground is an acrylic liquid surfacing medium that can be used to create a porous, paper-like surface on many different substrates. It is uniquely formulated for unsurpassed absorbent action when dry. Applied over gessoed canvas, the Absorbent Ground allows for raw canvas-like staining on a protected substrate. It also allows watercolors to be used on a stable prepared canvas. Golden Absorbent Ground, designed for stain and watercolor-type applications, is lightfast, permanent and flexible. It is not intended as a gesso alternative. It must be applied over a pre-primed surface due to its fragile, paper-like nature. Once properly sealed, it is a permanent acrylic film that does not need to be kept under glass. Golden Varnishes (Polymer ; MSA) will protect the artwork from environmental factors such as sunlight and dust.
    Picture of Masters Brush Cleaner & preserver 74.7g

    Masters Brush Cleaner & preserver 74.7g

    MAS 95187
    Masters Brush Cleaner ; Preserver
  • Removes oils, acrylics, watercolours, stains, and varnishes.
  • Helps prevent paint build-up in the ferrule and the hardening and build-up of common acrylic paints.
  • Suitable for the finest sable, bristle, nylon and synthetic brushes.
  • Conditions the brush to hold more colour and helps lay down a smoother more even flow.
  • €14.70
    Picture of Pebeo Drawing Gum 45ml

    Pebeo Drawing Gum 45ml

    Pebeo Drawing Gum 45ml Peelable rubber solution used to keep areas colour-free when using ink, watercolour or gouache.
    Picture of Pebeo Marker Drawing Gum Nib 4mm Round

    Pebeo Marker Drawing Gum Nib 4mm Round

    Pebeo Marker Drawing Gum - Nib 4mm Round High-presision marker to keep areas colour-free on works using watercolour, ink or diluted gouache. the unbreakable plastic tip withstands repeated opening. The 4mm tip allows for thick and continuous lines as well as uniformflat areas.
    Picture of WN Art Masking Fluid 75ml

    WN Art Masking Fluid 75ml

    WN 3021759
    Winsor ; NewtonArt Masking Fluid Art masking fluid used by professional and hobby artists. Made by Windsor and Newton, this is a colourless, unpigmented art masking fluid for special painting techniques. Containing premium quality rubber latex and pigment, this can be used to cover regions of the painting which need to be protected from broad colour strokes. 75ml
    Picture of WN Artisan Impasto Medium 60ml

    WN Artisan Impasto Medium 60ml

    WN 3019722
    Winsor ; Newton Artisan Impasto Medium 60ml This stiff, water mixable quick-drying medium retains brush marks when mixed with Artisan Colour. Resists yellowing. Can be cleaned up with water. For thick impasto, build the texture in several layers allowing each layer to dry first.
    Picture of WN Gum Arabic 75ml

    WN Gum Arabic 75ml

    WN 3021763
    Winsor ; Newton Gum Arabic 75ml Quality gum arabic used by professional and hobby artists. A pale solution that controls the spread of wet colour, reducing staining ; slows drying. Gives your watercoloursan extra gloss ; transparency To control the activation, simply dilute it with water. Winsor ; Newton Gum Arabic is a great tool for any keen watercolourist. Comes in a 75ml bottle.