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    Picture of 5 Minutes Thriller set

    5 Minutes Thriller set

    FIN ECMT00398
    Set of mini books suitable for dyslexic or adult beginner readers.
    Picture of Ace Spelling Activities

    Ace Spelling Activities

    FIN HC1005512
    ACE Spelling Activities is designed to be used with the ACE Spelling Dictionary. It provides a framework for all learners to get to grips with phonics and the English spelling system. While especially valuable for dyslexic pupils, this resource is designed to improve spelling and writing performance on a whole-school basis through fun activities like crosswords, puzzles and games.

    With over 100 photocopiable activities for individual, pair, group and whole-class work, this revised second edition of the ACE Spelling Activities fully covers the statutory spelling lists for the National Curriculum for English for KS2. Activities cover tricky word endings, spellings for sounds, searching for patterns and more. A new Slippery Characters section focuses on 240 frequently misspelt words between 5 and 13 letters in length, providing the opportunity to correct misspellings that could otherwise persist for a lifetime. The resource also includes sections on how to teach and practice spellings.

    Contains 150 photocopiable pages.
    Minimum Age Suitability:7 Years +
    Picture of Ace Spelling Dictionary

    Ace Spelling Dictionary

    FIN HC1005408
    “Pupils with spelling difficulties often experience problems accessing the curriculum and lose confidence with writing. The ACE Spelling Dictionary breaks through these problems, taking away the frustration of hunting through a conventional dictionary and actually improving users’ spellings through increasing their understanding of common spelling patterns and unusual features.

    The Dictionary is designed for writers of all ages who need to check spellings, and is intended for use in educational settings and at home. The fourth edition of the ACE Spelling Dictionary has expanded user’s notes and thousands of new words, including more alternative spellings, plural forms and ‘sound-alike’ pairs and groups than before. The darker blue long vowel section makes it easy to open the book near the wanted page. It has an up-to-date vocabulary and provides full ‘how to use’ guidance for new and experienced users.

    Using the unique ACE Spelling Index, users need only think about how a word sounds to find out how to spell it. By simply identifying the first vowel sound, the speller is directed to the page where the problem word is found. The easy-to-use reference system will tempt users to use more interesting words in their writing. Both spelling patterns and irregularities are highlighted in the dictionary so that pupils learn to spell incidentally.
    Picture of Active Literacy Kit

    Active Literacy Kit

    FIN HC1005271
    Bring literacy to life with the Active Literacy Kit! Developed and designed by Dyslexia Action, the Active Literacy Kit has been carefully created for pupils who require additional support with reading and spelling, whether they are dyslexic or not.

    The Active Literacy Kit includes 144 sound and picture cards, a teacher’s handbook, an exercise guide, placement assessments and an array of pupil books, as well as much more! Aimed at pupils of 7 years and over, this comprehensive resource creates a fantastic framework to support children with dyslexia and other literacy difficulties across the whole of Key Stage 2. The programme offers a super series of structured activities and timed exercises which strengthen phonological awareness and word recognition, building the foundational skills needed for fluent reading and spelling.
    Picture of Activities For Successful Spelling: The Essential Guide

    Activities For Successful Spelling: The Essential Guide

    LS60 16
    This highly practical activity workbook is linked to the core text How to Manage Spelling Successfully and has been designed to support dyslexic students practise the spelling strategies and methods recommended in that book.

    This activity book can be used separately, or as part of an integrated programme for building students' spelling skills at home or at school. Suitable for mainstream classrooms, pupils undertaking additional literacy support in small groups, and for one-to-one teaching of individuals with specific learning difficulties including dyslexia, this excellent resource contains activities suitable for use at different stages of development, and for use with adults as well as school students.

    Each section contains a range of multi-sensory activities, including word searches, simple crossword puzzles and dictation exercises. This is an essential classroom companion for anyone helping struggling spellers

    By author Philomena Ott
    Picture of Alpha Omega Student's Book

    Alpha Omega Student's Book

    LS63 16
    This Student’s Book contains the complete reading passages and exercises in the updated Alpha to Omega Teacher’s Handbook 6th Edition. Written specifically for students with dyslexia in association with Dyslexia Action. Along with the Alpha to Omega Teacher’s Handbook 6th Edition, this will be a core text for teachers being trained by Dyslexia Action, the only national dyslexia teaching body in the world.

    This separate 136-page Student’s Book contains the complete reading passages and exercises featured in the Alpha to Omega Teacher’s Handbook 6th Edition. Provides students with an appropriate text size for reading. Carefully designed exercises help students develop their skills step-by-step. Saves teacher’s preparation time by taking away the need to photocopy their Teacher’s Handbook.
    Picture of Alpha to Omega Pack: Teacher's Handbook and Student's Book 6th Edition

    Alpha to Omega Pack: Teacher's Handbook and Student's Book 6th Edition

    LS62 16
    The Alpha to Omega Teacher's Handbook provides detailed lesson plans for each stage of the course. These are backed up with carefully devised exercises which take students step-by-step through the skills they are developing.

    The 6th Edition of this popular resource has been updated by Dyslexia Action - the world's only national dyslexia teaching body - and retains all the successful features of the previous handbooks. Dyslexia Action are using this book as one of the core texts on their teacher training courses, so you can be confident that it can be used to develop the literacy skills of students with dyslexia.
    Picture of Comprehension Box 2

    Comprehension Box 2

    PE RIC6947
    100% Comprehension using Fiction and Non-Fiction texts.

    The Comprehension Box for 3rd-4th Class contains:
  • 150 colourfully illustrated cards with texts covering a variety of genres and text types.
  • 15 colour-coded sections.
  • Pupil Tracking Sheet Pad.
  • Questions on the back of each card.
  • Answer cards.
  • Scope and sequence chart.
  • A comprehensive Teachers Guide providing suggestions on how to explicitly teach comprehension strategies along with answers and pupil and teacher recording sheets.

  • Flexible use within the classroom
  • Pupils could be grouped according to reading level, work on the cards in a particular colour and then discuss and summarise what they have learned with their peers.
  • Capable, independent readers can work through the cards at their own pace, freeing up the teacher’s time to work intensively with different groups in the class.
  • Ideal for differentiation.
  • Teachers can easily assign the colour-coded cards to each pupil’s reading level.
  • Ten cards in each colour-coded section ensure that pupils practise comprehension strategies using a variety of texts and comprehension activities.
  • Each colour-coded section gradually increases in reading difficulty, leading to constant progression.
  • Pupils working on the same coloured section can alternate cards and engage in various station activities over ten lessons.
  • €275.00