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    Gratnells is a leading brand specializing in innovative storage and organization solutions for educational environments. Their product range includes robust and versatile storage trays, trolleys, and furniture designed to streamline classroom organization and enhance the learning experience.

    What sets Gratnells apart is their commitment to creating smart and efficient solutions for educators. Their products are renowned for their durability and adaptability, offering teachers and institutions the tools they need to keep classrooms organized and conducive to effective learning.

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    Picture of Gratnell Rover All Terrain Cart Set

    Gratnell Rover All Terrain Cart Set

    GRAT 34401
    This tough and practicalRovercart set fromGratnells has been designed to carry trays over any terrain and will help you move heavy loads around with ease. Whether you need to take beanbags and bottled water to the field on sports day or a class full of iPads to an after-school club the Rover is ideal for transporting anything you need, even up and downstairs. The Rover is a heavy-duty metal trolley with pneumatic tyres, runners to hold Gratnells trays, PowerTrays or SmartCases and a strap to secure trays for transportation.<

  • Stylish curved silver frame
  • 260mm pneumatic tyres suitable for all terrains
  • Five sets of runners allow a variety of possible tray combinations
  • Supplied fully assembled
  • Set includes 3 deep Gratnells trays
  • €385.00
    Picture of Gratnell Makerspace Cart

    Gratnell Makerspace Cart

    GRAT 40101
    Flexible storage work station for STEM, STEAM and more. Makerspaces are increasingly popular in schools worldwide. A makerspace provides creative, hands-on ways to encourage students to collaborate, invent, design, and build their STEM or STEAM activities. These new storage trolleys have been designed specifically for makerspace in schools or anywhere else a flexible portable storage work station is needed. These holds standard trays on StopSafe runners, allowing easy and safe access to components. The tool hangers can be moved and changed to suit many objects.

  •     Robust steel frame with heavy duty lockable castors for reliable service
  •      Side and back panels with industry standard holes and slots for wide range of accessories
  •      Suitable for loads up to 85 Kg
  • Delivery information: Single unit consists of 3 Deep (F2) Trays, 12 Shallow (F1) Trays, 12 Green Mini Bins, 1 Roll Holder, 5 Single hooks and 5 double hooks.
  • €1995.00
    Picture of Gratnell Makerhub Cart with 2 Whiteboards & Trays

    Gratnell Makerhub Cart with 2 Whiteboards & Trays

    GRAT 54426
    The MakerHub Trolley is double-sided making it ideal for group activities. A variety of Gratnells trays can be used in the MakerHub thanks to the flexible runner system in the base storage unit. The trolley can be secured in place with the two lockable castors.

    The standard-sized boards (600 x 900mm) are instantly interchangeable - simply lift up and draw down to remove. Change between magnetic white-boards, chalk-boards and pin boards to suit your classroom activities and age group. For added security, all standard boards are held safely in place between steel guides at the top of the frame and special stoppers on the recessed shelf.

  •   Ideal for use as a general Teacher Hub and for collaborative STEAM activities
  • Flexible storage in the base unit
  • Trays can face in either direction
  • Interchangeable boards
  • Steel frame, runners and trays are 100% recyclable
  • Easy assembly
  • Height 1430mm
  • Width 685mm
  • Depth 435mm
  • Supplied with six runners, four Gratnells Deep Trays and two magnetic white-boards
  • €519.99
    Picture of Gratnell F2 Deep Tray Blue

    Gratnell F2 Deep Tray Blue

    GRAT F0206
    Elevate your storage needs with the Gratnells F2 Deep Tray in Blue. This high-quality storage solution is perfect for organizing and keeping your items secure. Enhance your storage capabilities today!
    Picture of Gratnell F1 Shallow Tray Blue

    Gratnell F1 Shallow Tray Blue

    GRAT F0106
    Gratnells Deep & Shallow Trays. Used in classrooms around the world and compatible with standard school furniture. Shallow Tray Size : Height 75mm Width 312mm Depth 427mm

  • BSI tested and passed for heavy educational use.
  • Fully recyclable
  • €12.95
    Picture of Gratnell Callero Stream Trolley Set 18

    Gratnell Callero Stream Trolley Set 18

    GRAT 62626
    This double-width Callero Plus STEAM Activity Trolley is the ideal, entry-level solution for school STEAM activities. Compatible with the full range of standard Gratnells trays, the trolley can be configured to suit a whole range of STEAM activities.
    Picture of Gratnells Deep Tray & Lid with Foam Insert

    Gratnells Deep Tray & Lid with Foam Insert

    Deep Gratnell blue tray and with clear lid, also includes a foam insert with dedicated spaces for 30 calculators. Perfect to keep your classroom calculators safe and secure.

    Dimensions: 430mm x 310mm Depth: 230mm