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    Casio FX-83GT CW Scientific Calculator Range

    Manufacturer: Casio
    The Casio fx-83GT CW is the new upgraded version of the Casio fx-83GT X (the UK’s best-selling scientific calculator), containing additional features, to include a high definition display and improved menu navigation. Allowed in every Irish & UK exam where a calculator can be used. Recommended and approved for Junior and Leaving Cert , GCSE, National and Higher.

    This scientific calculator has arithmetic and scientific calculations, statistical calculations including quartiles, table of values for up to two functions, and calculation of equivalent ratios. There is a Maths Box with probability simulation, number line and unit circle display.

    The new interface features scrolling menus, all mathematical functions available in a single catalogue key and number formats available in a format key. The new display has a new font and 4-tone input for extra clarity.

    Suitable for all levels up to Leaving Cert and for basic professional work.
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    Main Features of FX-83GT CW:

    • Approved for Junior & Leaving Cert (aswell as all UK exams)
    • High resolution Black & White display
    • Natural Maths Display
    • Menu Operation
    • 290+ Calculator Functions
    • Battery Powered (AAAx1 supplied)
    • Clip-on hard protective cover included
    • Calculations : Scientific calculations, Table of Values, Equivalent Ratios
    • Graphs : QR Code link to Graphs
    • Data : Calculate single-variable statistics, Calculate regression statistics
    • Probability Distributions : Probability Simulation
    • Easy-to-use number formatting
    • 4-tone input display with a new font
    • Keys that work pressed at any angle
    • Available in a range of colours



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