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    Forward Education Climate Action Kit

    Transform how students engage with coding and robotics while tackling climate change challenges. This all-in-one Climate Action Kit, powered by micro:bit, brings hands-on, standards-aligned learning to Irish classrooms. Perfect for students from primary to secondary levels, this kit provides everything needed to inspire the next generation of innovators.

    The Climate Action Kit redefines coding and robotics education. It offers an engaging platform for students to delve into computer science and address real-world climate issues. The kit includes hardware, software, and a thoughtfully crafted curriculum, fostering STEM education under educator guidance. Microsoft’s MakeCode provides a web-based coding interface, making it easy to switch between block-based and text-based programming.

    Aligned with educational standards like NGSS, Common Core, and CSTA, the curriculum introduces climate change topics and their technological solutions, guiding students in coding and prototype development. The micro:bit device is central to this educational journey, ensuring hands-on learning experiences.

    The Climate Action Kit is beginner-friendly and purpose-driven, engaging students and teachers alike. It supports continuous learning across multiple subjects and class levels, aligning with real United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to inspire students as future changemakers.

    With the Climate Action Kit, students can embark on various projects, such as:
  • Building a windmill for renewable energy.
  • Creating a recycling sorter for waste management.
  • Forward Education, the developer behind the kit, offers customized classroom solutions, including professional development, technical support, and curriculum adjustments to fit the diverse needs of educators and students. Note: Each kit requires at least one micro:bit, available separately.

  • Intuitive Components: Building blocks, smart elements, and reversible connecting wires.
  • User-Friendly Programming: Block-based coding with micro:bit, accessible via Microsoft’s MakeCode, supporting both Python and JavaScript.
  • Inclusive Design:Suitable for beginners and advanced learners, ensuring a low entry barrier with high learning potential.
  • Ready-to-Use Lessons:Standards-aligned, turnkey lessons designed for completion in a single session.
  • Comprehensive Kit:Combines components from smart vehicle, smart farming, and wind turbine kits.

  • Robotic Components:
  • 1 Breakout board with battery
  • 1 Moisture sensor
  • 1 Touch sensor
  • 1 Solar sensor
  • 1 Sonar sensor
  • 1 Infrared sensor with ball and caster
  • 1 Rotary dial
  • 1 LED light
  • 2 Continuous servo motors
  • 1 Positional servo motor
  • 1 Water pump and tubing

  • Building Blocks:
  • 1 Base plate
  • 4 Long frames
  • 6 Medium frames
  • 4 Small frames
  • 4 Thin frames
  • 2 Circles
  • 4 Cube connectors
  • 4 Corner connectors
  • 4 Back-to-back connectors
  • 8 Component backing connectors

  • Additional Parts:
  • 2 Long cable connectors
  • 5 Short cable connectors
  • 2 Cable extenders
  • 2 Wheels
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 Building block removal tool
  • 1 Package of butterfly clips
  • 1 Screwdriver
  • Getting started guide
  • The kit also includes online access to project-based lessons and educator curriculum courses.
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