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    My Yard Format 2 Vacuum Former

    FORMART 2 the smart vacuum former!!! Has the largest working area on the market and its easy to use operation make it the best option for both manufacturing and start-up companies and hobbyists.

    Main Features:
  • Built-in industrial-grade vacuum pumps, combined with intelligent control, allows you to precisely adjust the vacuum pressure without letting go of any creative details.
  • "Advanced Mode" gives you maximum flexibility for professional use, while the "Simple Mode" has three built-in smart modules to get you started quickly.
  • Complete material database makes it easy to create, regardless of whether the original plastic sheet is used or not.
  • Industrial grade quartz heating tube, heating speed is 3 times faster than others! The heater provides excellent temperature uniformity and achieves best forming quality.
  • Exclusive preheating process, greatly improving the success rate.
  • Built-in dehumidification function, which can automatically control the dehumidification parameters for different materials of the sheets.

  • Format 2 Exclusive:
  • Plastic sheet auto-detection & alert speaker
    With a complete database of plastic sheets and the world's only plastic sheet detect sensor, you can set the working parameters instantly while loading the sheet. There is even a built-in high quality speaker to alert you when the heating is complete, making it a great convenience for professional use.
  • Largest forming area & 4 size switchable
    With 47cm x 27cm largest forming area on the market, and a unique 4-size switch function, you can choose the most suitable size of plastic sheet according to the size of your work, so that every inch of your plastic sheet does not have to be wasted!
  • Speed cooling & automatic mold releasing
    Built-in dual brushless fans help to cool down your blister quickly, and the reversing valve can automatically reverse the air blowing, allowing you to remove the mold more easily and mass produce your work more efficiently.

  • What's included?
  • 50cm x 30cm HIPS * 30 sheets
  • One set of cat bowl molds
  • Plastic sheet size switching kit
  • Webbing remover kit
  • USB cable
  • Heat-resistant gloves
  • Basic tool kit
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    Sheet Size300 x 205 mm to 500 x 300 mm
    Sheet Thickness0.3 - 3 mm
    Work Area470 mm x 270 mm
    Desktop Size (LxWxH)630 x 480 x 530 mm
    Max. Draw Height160 mm
    Weight25 kg
    LCD-Screen3.5", 480 x 320 full color LCD
    Heating ElementQuartz heater tube
    Temperature Range90 - 230 °C
    Pump Type1 x DC brushless pump & 1 x AC induction pump
    Pressure Range-10 tot 90 KPA (Adjustable)
    Auto Release SheetsYes
    Sheet ScanningYes
    Cooling FanYes
    Power100 - 120 VAC@1500W & 220 - 240VAC@1700W