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    Tuff Box with 2 Part Compass, Tape & SG Set Squares

    Manufacturer: SG Education
    Technical Graphic Kit in slim plastic box that includes:

  • SG 2 Part Compass
  • SG Set Squares 45° & 60°
  • Faber H & 2H Pencils
  • Protractor
  • Vinyl eraser
  • Metal sharpener
  • Quality Drafting Masking Tape 12mm

  • To discuss a Bespoke Kit for your School, please contact SG Education on 071 91 53810 or email
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    Products specifications
    Case Type Tuff Box
    Set Square Brand SG Education
    Clips or Tape
    Clips or Tape 12mm Tape
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    Columbus Pencils in Packs of 12

    The Columbus pencil was first manufactured here in Ireland in the 1950s. Since then this distinctive pencil has gone on to become Ireland's favourite. It is made from the highest quality Californian Cedar wood and German leads.

    The range has the right pencils for every task. 6B to B are for artwork, the soft leads are perfect for sketching and shading. HB through 5H are specially made for writing, drafting and fine lines.
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    The tape is made of a low-tack adhesive, which allows it to be easily applied and removed without damaging delicate surfaces or leaving any residue behind. It is perfect for masking off areas of a drawing or design that need to be protected, such as edges or borders, and can also be used for labeling or organizing sketches or blueprints.
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  • Dry safe - can be left uncapped for days without drying up
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  • Stable, pressure-resistant tip
  • Water-based ink, washes out easily of most textiles
  • €21.95
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    Elastika has the extraordinary capacity of torsion. It can be bent and always comes back in its original position. The product is unbreakable and safe thanks to its innovative material and its rounded points.

    Graduation is indelible and engraved in the plastic material. Every 5cm, numbers are clearly written in bold format for an easier reading.