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    Budget Pencil H (Pack of 12)

    This 12-pack of H pencils are a reliable and essential set for artists, students, and professionals alike. These pencils are classified as "H" grade, indicating a harder graphite lead composition. The hardness level ensures precise and light lines, making them ideal for technical drawings, sketching, and shading.

    With a pack of 12, you'll have a variety of H pencil grades at your disposal, allowing you to achieve different levels of darkness and texture in your artwork. The pencils are lightweight, easy to grip, and come pre-sharpened, ready for immediate use. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, this pack of H pencils offers versatility and control for your artistic endeavors.
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    Wooden Box with Compass, Tape & Elastika Set Squares

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    Picture of Cartridge Paper A3 140g (500 Sheets)

    Cartridge Paper A3 140g (500 Sheets)

    CP 140 A3
    Cartridge paper A3 140g is a high-quality drawing paper commonly used by artists, designers, and illustrators. It has a weight of 140 grams per square meter, which makes it sturdy and durable, while also allowing for smooth and even ink absorption.

    The A3 size (420mm x 297mm) is large enough to accommodate a range of drawing and painting projects. Cartridge paper is typically acid-free, which helps to prevent yellowing and aging, ensuring that your artwork will last for many years.
    Picture of Hellerman Drawing Pencil H (Pack of 10)

    Hellerman Drawing Pencil H (Pack of 10)

    HELL 2728 H
    Technical/Graphic Pencils. Rectangular, super-bond pencils with a black, polished finish.

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    CP 250 A3
    Cartridge Paper A3 250g White is a heavyweight and high-quality paper suitable for various artistic and professional applications. With its A3 size and 250 sheets, it offers a generous supply for extensive creative projects. The 250g weight provides exceptional durability and thickness, making it ideal for drawing, sketching, painting, and mixed media work.

    The white color of the paper allows for vibrant and accurate color representation, enhancing the visual impact of your artwork. The smooth surface ensures smooth and precise lines while accommodating different mediums such as pencils, markers, and acrylics. Whether you're a student, hobbyist, or professional artist, Cartridge Paper A3 250g White is a versatile choice for creating stunning and long-lasting art pieces.