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    Learn to Love Yourself Wallchart

    Manufacturer: Daydream
    The Learn to Love Yourself poster encourages students to treat themselves with kindness and compassion while practicing self-love to boost their confidence, self-worth and overall wellbeing. Our colourful poster is the perfect way to introduce your students to positive self-talk and change the way they perceive themselves.
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    Wooden Box with Compass, Clips & Elastika Set Squares

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    Picture of Sexting Laminated Wallchart

    Sexting Laminated Wallchart

    WC ITS007L
    Daydream Education's Sexting poster has been designed to help tackle the growing problem of sexting in schools. The poster is direct and straightforward, covering the very real risks of sexting and live streaming for children, teenagers and young people.

    The Sexting wall chart also includes vital information about what action pupils need to take to report offensive or sexually explicit content they've seen online.

    The bright and colourful poster is a large A1 size and includes real-life images to ensure a striking wall display that is guaranteed to grab and retain your students ' attention.

    Often, students think of sexting as harmless fun and don 't understand the risks and consequences until it's too late. Help your pupils to stay safe in the digital world by displaying our educational Sexting poster in your classroom.
    Picture of Anxiety Wallchart

    Anxiety Wallchart

    WC MEH001
    The informative resource details the different ways anxiety and panic can present themselves to help students identify when they may be experiencing anxiety. The poster also provides a variety of coping strategies and grounding techniques that students can use to cope with anxiety.
    A1 Size
    Picture of Online Bullying Wallchart

    Online Bullying Wallchart

    WC ITS005
    Daydream Education's Online Bullying poster has been designed to combat the ever-increasing problem of cyberbullying in primary and secondary schools.

    The bright and colourful wall chart includes examples of online bullying, so pupils can recognise what constitutes unacceptable behaviour. The poster also includes five steps that pupils can take if they find themselves being bullied online, two of which include reporting the incidents and talking to someone about what has happened.

    The large A1 poster incorporates straightforward language and a clear design, making it easy-to-read from a distance and perfect for display in schools and classrooms.

    Create an open culture of communication when it comes to bullying and help to ensure your students know how best to deal with cyberbullying situations with Daydream Education's Online Bullying poster.